Join us as we celebrate our 10th Birthday all year long! Contests, trivia, prizes worth $1000s, special sales and exclusive products all included and completely fat free! So you don't have to feel guilty — it's good for you! Throw some confetti for your fellow Peanuts as we celebrate Pea Anniversaries! This year, we're going to do it all! We just can't stop ourselves! Shipping promos; more inventory in our store than ever before; party like it really is 1999! (since thats when we started and all...) We've come up with a new idea every day, so we decided to make the party last all year long! And why not? Its been 10 years, after all. 10 years of fun and scrapbooking craziness. Who can resist a good party? And such a nice big one at that! I like 10. It's a nice solid number. It actually has another name..... a Decade. Yep. Two Peas is a Decade old. and we don't even have any grey hairs as a result... well maybe the Geek does. Put down your scissors and the adhesives. Or wait, pick them up and.... well. um. Just do both and party along with us!

  Two Peas was created by my husband, Jeffrey, and I in February of 1999. As a new scrapbooker, I wanted to be able to find more cutting-edge products that I was seeing in the magazines and was having trouble finding in the local stores. At the time, the entire industry was still in its infancy stage and there was a lack of attention to the hobby in local markets. Driven to the internet to find items, I discovered that there was not an Internet-based company that featured these products as a local specialty retailer would--- for instance paper by the sheet, individual die cuts, and not grouped together in kits. With an interest in finding these products and providing them to other scrapbookers in the same dilemma, Two Peas in a Bucket was created. Products that are not found in local discount stores but are featured in industry magazines, at trade shows and other unique arenas are the mainstay of Two Peas. It was for the love of products that Two Peas was really created...

Two Peas Story Contest
Everyone has a story... What about the way you stumbled upon that great website called Two Peas In A Bucket?
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May 7 New-Pea - The Beginning.
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Pea Anniversaries

It's our birthday, but we wouldn't be celebrating 10 years of Two Peas without you! On your pea anniversary, you'll earn a badge noting how many years you've been a member of the Two Peas community. Be sure to check out who else in the community is celebrating their pea anniversary with you!

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Two Peas Story
Everyone has a story... What about the way you stumbled upon that great website called Two Peas In A Bucket?

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