Photography Challenge : Week Five: Composition
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Photography Challenge : Week Five: Composition
By Joanna Bolick

This week:
Creative Composition!

The good news is that it doesn't matter what kind of camera you have for this challenge!

Consider one or more of the following tips as you compose your photos:

1. Keep it simple
Eliminate distractions from your photos.

2. Apply the rule of thirds.
Avoid placing your subject in the center of the photo.

3. Keep your eye on the horizon.
Pay attention to the placement of the horizon in your photos.

4. Frame your subject.
Use architectural or natural elements to frame your focus.

5. Fill the frame
Eliminate wasted space in your photos.

6. Try a new perspective
Photograph your subject from different angles to change the composition of the photo.

Post your favorite photos from the week in the photo gallery and be sure to share how you applied the tips (or effectively broke them) to compose your photos.

***Bonus points: Share your favorite tips for composition with us!

Take a look at the above examples as you read the following notes:
The photos shown here reflect tip #6 -- trying a new perspective. The first photo depicts Cole at the beach, shot from a standing position. The second photo is taken after kneeling down to take the photo, eye-level with the subject, and with a short depth of field. The third photo is a close-up, depicting the object of Cole's attention, taken with a fast shutter speed.

PS. If you're confused, first check out the Week FIVE coursework available for download here. Then join us on the WEEK FIVE thread on the photography message board to discuss this week's challenge.

Thank you for your participation! You are awesome!

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