Digital Challenges : Freehand Selection Tool - Total Goofball
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Digital Challenges : Freehand Selection Tool - Total Goofball
By Sande Krieger

 THis weeks challenge is to use a freehand selection tool. By freehand, I mean a tool that you draw out - with your mouse or pen to make a selection. If you have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, that would be the lasso tool. If you don't, just choose a tool that allows you to draw a selection.

It doesn't matter how you use it either. You can use it to fill something with a color or pattern or you can select something and erase it or lower the opacity of it.

For this layout, I chose to make a mask using the lasso tool (you can do masking in Photoshop). Here is what I did.

1. Open a new page (document) for your layout.

2. Open your background paper and copy and paste it onto your layout.

3. Open the paper you want your scallop to be and copy and paste it onto your layout. You should have 3 layers now - white BACKGROUND, Background paper (in my case white grid) and paper for scallop (in my case blue Fine China paper).

4. Select the lasso tool (keyboard shortcut is L). (see page 2 - your selection will not appear white as it does in this photo - I just filled it with white so you could see it better.)

5. Draw out a scalloped piece connecting it at the end. If you didn't draw it just the way you like it you can hold down the shift button to add to your selection or the Alt/Option button to delete from your selection.

6. Once you've got your selection drawn out hit the mask icon at the bottom of the layers palette. Your selection will be punched out of the paper you have drawn it on. (see page 3)

The supplies I used are all from 2 peas kits :

Background lined paper - Basic Backgrounds

Round Notes label, Star label and little star label are from the Note to Self kit which was released June 9th.

Journaling Lines - Journaling Space Brushes

Flourishes - Rhonna's Swirls v.10

Fonts: Beef Broccoli (journaling); Rusted Tin (title); Airplane (M); Stop Sign (seriously)


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