Special Projects : Maya Road Houses: Haunted Halloween Street
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Special Projects : Maya Road Houses: Haunted Halloween Street
By Cherie Mask

 This was a fun project to create using the Maya Road Home Chipboard Set. I added a little spookiness to these houses by making them haunted!! 

Here's how to make this project in a few easy steps:

-Find a shadow box or a black frame.

-Cut the houses in wacky dimensions to give them a haunted look.

-Paint the chipboard houses with black acrylic paint and let them dry.

-Adhere patterned paper to the inside of the shadow box or frame.

-Adhere colored paper to the backs of the house windows, doors, etc.

-Arrange houses in shadow box/frame. Stack them, tilt them, make them scary! Then adhere them to the paper.

-Apply glitter stickers or halloween shapes for detail. I used a glue dot on the front of the glitter stickers and stuck them to the glass to give more depth and dimension in the shadow box.

And now you've got your own little Halloween street to haunt!

(p.s. sorry about the glass glare on the pics)

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