Classes : Making Memories Jars: Gift Set
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Classes : Making Memories Jars: Gift Set
By Erica Hernandez

The Making memories clear jars are great for embellishment storage but they also work really well as attractive gift containers! For this set, I used a few basic supplies to create a fun little (inexpensive!) gift that would work well for so many occasions (birthday, Secret Santa exchange, teacher gift, hostess gift, etc...) It's basically just a miniature stress reliever (bath salts and chocolate - what more could you ask for?) packaged very basically. (I apologize for the weird color cast on the photos...they were MUCH worse when I started - did the best I could!)

Click here for class PDF with instructions and photos.

  1. Gather your supplies.
  2. To add the twine wrapping to the larger jar, use a liquid glue pen. I used the grooves that are already on the jar as a guide for the glue.
  3. Starting at the top of the jar, begin wrapping the twine. I held onto the beginning of the twine as I wrapped and by the time I got to the end, the top was dry. When I got to the bottom, I just held it for a couple of minutes and it stayed put fine. I may add a coat of mod podge or something to ensure the twine stays on without any wiggle room.
  4. Trim a piece of scrap cardboard to about 2 x 4" Use a circle punch to cut a couple of notches on the long sides and round the corner witha corner rounder.
  5. Trim the "relax" and "enjoy" (printed on a transparency) to the same size as the tag and attach the two together by wrapping some twine around the two pieces a few times.
  6. Using the liquid glue again, add a thin coating to the chipboard ampersand and sprinkle on the glitter.
  7. Add the "to:" greeting to the small tag (I also added a "from:" on the back of the tag using the same rub-ons.)
  8. Tie all of the pieces together stacking the smaller container on top of the large. I also added a natural bristle brush to go with the bath salts. For the bath salts, I just combined some Epsom salt with a few drops of scented oil. You can add a bit of food coloring as well if you want to tint the salt.


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