Weekly Challenge : Tell a Funny Story!
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Weekly Challenge : Tell a Funny Story!
By Wendy Bretz

This week, My Challenge is to "create a layout telling a funny story." It can be about something your child did or  your husband.  I can even be something you did or heard a co-worker say.  Just create a layout about something that made you laugh! :)

My layout is about my daughter Hannah asking for a snack after school the other day.  Here is the journaling:

After you got home from school today you asked me if you could have a snack.  I told you, you could either have vanilla wafers or some ritz crackers.  You didn’t want either one.  You said you wanted macaroni and cheese.  I said, “No, Hannah.  It’s not dinnertime and you can either have vanilla wafers or ritz crackers.” You then threw a complete fit!  You whined and cried for about ten minutes and finally, I said, “Then fine, you will have nothing.”

About an hour later, you came up to me and said, “What time is dinner time, Momma?”  I told you 4:30.  You then, went in your room, got your clock and turn the hands to read 4:30!  You little sneak!  hahaha  The funny thing is, you said to me while you were doing this, “Mom, what is 30?  Is that the 3?”  hahaha  May 5, 2009



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