Tutorial: Loading and Using Brushes
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Tutorial: Loading and Using Brushes
By Traci Turchin

Supplies for this layout: Beach Day Paper Pack and What's Your Point brushes kit.

I'm using Photoshop CS2 in this tutorial.

Once you have downloaded your brush kit, it's time to start using it!


Select the brush tool on your toolbar (image 2).

Select the arrow on the drop-down brushes menu (image 3) and then select LOAD BRUSHES (image 4).

Browse to find your downloaded ABR brushes file, then click LOAD.

Your new brushes will appear at the bottom of your brush tip options menu (image 5).

To keep my brushes organized, though, I like to have them available as separate brush palettes (as you can see in image 4).

To do that, I move my new brush ABR document into the Photoshop brushes folder. Here's how:


This folder will show all of the brushes currently in Photoshop. Drag and drop your new brush file into this folder (image 6).

To use this brush palette, go through the steps to load new brushes, except now your new brush set will show up with the other listed brushes (in image 4) once you restart Photoshop.


To use your brushes, select the brush on the tool menu (image 2). To select your brush tip shape, use the drop-down brush menu (image 5) and scroll to select the brush.

The brush might be perfect as it is. In this case, you'll want to pick a color for your image by changing the foreground color on your tool menu (image 7).

To change the size of the brush, use the slider on the brushes menu (image 8).

You can also change the direction of the brush, as I've done with the arrows on my "First Pool Visit" layout (image one). To make sure the arrows pointed in the direction that I wanted them to, I used the brush presets menu located at the top right of my screen (image 9).

Once you select BRUSH TIP SHAPE, you can change the direction of your brush. Adjust the ANGLE of the brush (image 10), or flip it horizontally or vertically by rotating it around the X and Y axis by checking the boxes (image 11).

The preview at the bottom of the menu shows you what your brush will look like with the changes.

As always, if you run into any trouble, just post a message in the digital scrapbooking forum and I'll do my best to help you out!

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