Digital Tutorial:Re-coloring Dital Elements in PS & PSE
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Digital Tutorial:Re-coloring Dital Elements in PS & PSE
By Rhonna Farrer

In PHOTOSHOP & PHOTOSHOP ELEMENTS there are several methods to change the color, but not every element can be changed the same way.

*Recoloring Paper*
In this layout (image 1), I've taken the red/pink flowers in Anne Langpap’s Winter Wonderland paper (image 2) & changed them to orange.
The re-coloring method used here:
Go to IMAGE>>ADJUSTMENTS>>HUE/SATURATION>Master) You can adjust the hue (color: here; +26).(image 3)
This method will still allow you to retain the texture or other qualities of your element like the shading/gradation of these flowers.

*Recoloring Frames*
I took the brown frame & I wanted to change it to a white frame. BUT, if I use the Hue/Saturation method, I can’t get the white I want. So, the other method I can use here is: a Layer Style.
1. Open your Frame from Vintage Newspapier Kit
2. 2. With your Move Tool, drag & drop it onto your photo.
4. Select the Color desired. Here, I selected White. (image 4)
Note:This method will give a flat color. You will lose all texture or patterns, unless you use the Light Modes to Blend the color.

*Recoloring Elements*
To change Sande Krieger’s “Grateful” element, I wanted to retain the mottled look of her letters, but just wanted to add some color.
1. Go to IMAGE>>ADJUSTMENTS>>REPLACE COLOR. (This method is good when you want to change just a tad bit of color...not the entire texture.)
2. In Image 5, you can see how I used the color picker (eye dropper) to isolate the cream color I wanted to change.
3. In your window, you will adjust the slider to the hue desired.

Another method you can try for various elements:
IMAGE>>ADJUSTMENTS>>COLOR BALANCE. You can adjust the sliders to achieve the desired color.

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