Digital Tutorials :Using Christmas Card Templates
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Digital Tutorials :Using Christmas Card Templates
By Sande Krieger

There are a few extra photos so the steps don't always match exactly with the numbered photos but it still should be very easy to follow. Let's get started. 1. You'll need a computer and some photo editing software. For this tutorial, I used Photoshop Elements 5.0 but any version of Elements or Photoshop will work as will other Photo editing programs. I also used the 2 Peas Joyeux Noel Vintage Christmas Card kit but any Holiday Card kit will work.

2. Open the photo(s) that you want to use and resize them. You may need to crop some for the multi-photo cards. For the cards in this kit, I’ve listed the photo sizes that you’ll need below or you can see Step 6 on how to resize your photo using FREE TRANSFORM after you place it in the card.

Photo sizes for cards in Joyeux Noel Vintage Christmas Card Kit:

  • Multi – photo Merry & Bright 5X7 Card– (2.2 X 2.2 square); (1.4 W X 2.2 H); (1.9 W X 1.4 H); (1.9 W X 1.8 H) and (3.15 X 3.15 square)photos
  • Multi – photo Tree 4X8 Card – Three 2X2 inch photos
  • Single-photo Joyful Holiday Season 5X7 Card – One 3.5W X 4.5 H photo
  • Single-photo Joyeux Noel 5X7 Card – One 3.5 X 3.5 photo
  • Single-photo Merry & Bright H 4X8 Card – 5W X 3.5 H photo
  • Single-photo Star V 4X8 Card – One 4X6 Vertical photo
  • Single-photo Tree V 4X8 Card – One 4X6 Vertical photo
  • Single-photo Star H 4X8 Card – One 4X6 Horizontal photo
  • Single-photo Tree H 4X8 Card – One 4X6 Horizontal photo

    3. Open the card that you want to use. If you are using a multi-photo card skip down to Step 7.

    4. Hold down the Control key (Command key on the Mac) and click on the New Layer Icon so that a new layer opens directly below the layer your card is on.

    5. Select the photo you want to use. Select the MOVE tool by pressing M (shortcut keyboard stroke) and click on your photo and drag it onto the card. It should appear below the card. Use the MOVE tool to move it so that it shows through the window how you want it.

    6. If you did not resize your photo yet and want to do it now, press Control T (Command T on the Mac) to get the Free Transform box. Your photo will now have a bounding box around it. If you can’t see the entire bounding box and want to, hit Control – (minus) or Command – (minus) if you’re working on the Mac. This will shrink your photo card so you can see the bounding box. You may have to hit that keystroke combo more than once if it isn’t small enough the 1st time. Now go to any corner and push in on the corner point and it will reduce the size of your photo. If you need to move your photo so that you can center it in the window just move your cursor to the center of your photo and click and drag your photo into position. Once you have your photo the size that you want, click on the green check mark in the bottom right corner or press ENTER.

    7. If you have multiple photos that you want to use on a multi-photo card and you haven’t cropped and resized them here’s a nifty way to do that now. Open the multi-photo card that you want to use and the photos you want to use. Hold down the Control key (Command key on the Mac) and press the New Layer Icon button at the top of the Layers Palette.

    8. Get the Marquee tool by pressing M. Select the Multi-photo card and click and drag it out over a window going slightly past the window itself but not into one of the neighboring windows and let go. You should now have a selection of the window. Go to Edit > Fill Selection. Click OK. Your new layer that you made in Step 7 should now show a square or rectangle (depending what window you selected) of whatever color your foreground color is set to.

    9. Now select the photo you want to place in that window. Select the MOVE tool by pressing M. Click and drag that photo onto the card. If the photo is too large for the window you want to place it in, press CONTROL T (COMMAND T on the Mac) to get the Free Transform tool and resize your photo by pushing in on a corner point and pressing ENTER or clicking on the green arrow in the lower right corner when it’s the size you want it. Don’t worry if it overlaps the window. See Step 6 for more thorough directions on using Free Transform.

    10. If your photo is larger than the window, go to Layer > Group with Previous. This will attach it to the selection that you made and filled in Step 8.

    11. Follow steps 7 – 10 to add other photos. When you are adding a New Layer, first select the card base layer so that the New Layer you are creating always appears below it. If you want to use one of the windows in a multi-photo card to write a greeting see step 14.

    12. Adding Text. First select the color you want your text to be. Select the Text tool by pressing T. Double click on the text/font color window at the top of your screen. Use the eyedropper or color bar to select a color.

    13. Choose your font and font size. Click on the place you want to write your greeting or name and type it in. If you don’t like the kearning (distance between the lines), the font or font size, highlight the text by double clicking on that layer or by highlighting and individual line. Now go up to the tool bar at the top of the screen and change whatever it is you don’t like.

    14. If you want to fill one of your windows with a color or a background paper so you can write on it first select the color you want to make it by following the directions in Step 12. Then do Steps 7 & 8. If you want to add a digital paper (patterned or cardstock) first open the paper and resize it if you want by going to Image>Size>Resize and filling out the pop up dialog box as shown. The select the MOVE tool by pressing M. Click and drag the paper onto your card. Go to Layer > Group with Previous and it should attach the paper only to that window that you selected and filled in the previous step. Now you would add your text. If you using this card template, don’t forget to add a little initial down at the bottom.

    15. Flattening and saving your card for printing. Once you’ve added all your text and are happy with your card, you will want to flatten the layers and save your card as a JPEG if you want to have it printed at a print shop or upload it to an online printing company. Before flattening the layers, I recommend that you save it as a PSD file first in case you decide later that you want to make changes . Go first to File > Save and save it as a PSD. Then go to Layer > Flatten Image. Now go to File > Save As and change the file format to JPEG.

    I added in a screenshot of a finished 4x8 card with all the layers.


    These cards can easily be printed at home, at a local printer or uploaded to an online printer. All printers will print the 5X7 cards. I’ve gotten several of my local printers & I’ve heard of someone who got their Costco to print the 4X8 cards. I suggest that you call and ask first since many printers want you to use the 4X8 templates they are selling.

    Here are some online print sites that I’ve found that will let you upload your completed 4x8 card for printing instead of using one of their templates. They are: After you upload your card, then click on Photos.

    You’ll find 4X8 cards under the Specialty menu. These cards look awesome when printed on their Metallic paper. I’m not sure if the envelopes are included or if you have to purchase them separately.

    Another site is Here is a link to how you upload and print 4X8 cards.

    Shutterfly includes the envelopes.

    Another site is Here is the link to how you upload and print on their site.

    They only show a horizontal format so that means you have to rotate your vertical 4X8 cards 90 degrees and then save them. Also, I’m not sure if the envelopes are included with your printing.

    I’m sure that there are many more online photo printing sites out there that will print your own design and not their template, these are just the only ones that I’ve found so far. If you find other companies that do this, I would love to hear who they are!


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