Digital Tutorial:: Black & White Photo with Color Spot
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Digital Tutorial:: Black & White Photo with Color Spot
By Rhonna Farrer

How to turn a color photo into a black & white with a spot of color.

1. Open your photo & create a New Image. Go to IMAGE>DUPLICATE. This will allow you to work on a copy of your photo. Never work on an original photo, just in case.

2. On your new photo copy, go to LAYER>DUPLICATE LAYER. When you look at your Layers Palette, you will have 2 layers of your photo. (see image 2)

3. Now, you want to make your top layer black & white. So, go to IMAGE>ADJUSTMENTS>DESATURATE. Voila, a black & white photo.

4. Go to your Tool box & select your Erase Tool as a soft round brush. (see image 3)

5. At 100% Flow & Opacity, you can erase your top black & white layer to reveal your color photo underneath. If you want a more sublte color to come through, you an adjust the Flow percentage or Opacity percentage to erase only a bit. Experiment, because each photo will be totally different. (see image 4)

6. Continue to erase the areas where you want to spot color until you are happy with the end result.

7. Go to LAYER>FLATTEN IMAGE so you can either print out & use on your traditional layouts, or drag & drop onto your digital scrapbook layouts.

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