Digital Challenges: Rounded Corners
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Digital Challenges: Rounded Corners
By Shannon Freeman

With most programs, there's at least 2-3 different ways from Sunday to achieve rounded corners. For this particular layout, I cheated.. sorta.. ;-) ..I used one of the shapes that is offered by MS DIS in the shapes menu.

So, to start with, your software program may offer pre-made shapes that you can use to shape the corners of your photos & papers.. for DIP/DIS, insert the rounded-corner square and use the "fill" feature (Effects>Fill With Texture or Color>Picture>select a photo or paper from your computer files).

If I wanted smaller, not-so-big-&-curvy corners, I would have done what is described in the DIP/DIS tutorial linked below. I've also included links to a couple of tutorials for PS and one for PSE.

Related Tutorials:
1. DIP/DIS Curved Corners & Shapes Tutorial

2. PS Rounded Corners Tutorial

3. PS Grouping Layers Tutorial

4. PSE Grouping Layers Tutorial

Microsoft Digital Image Suite 2006 (instructions will work for DIP, but some tools & tool locations may vary slightly)
Going Buggy Kit
2Peas Nevermind Font

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