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Class Lesson - 4x6 Photo Love :: January 2011



I know its already 2013, but I often watch a video 2-3 times before I really "get it." I learn so much Shimelle from your easy teaching style. Thanks!

I have just completed my attempt at this class :) thankyou for the wonderful class :)

Great video! I submitted a layout for this. I used more of the triangle effect but with a portrait photo. Thanks!

Very informative and I love how you show multiple versions of the same sketch - I am really looking forward to the months ahead! Thank you so much!

Very instructive video -- so helpful your explanation of the left corner and how our eye looks there first. I'm already intimidated by the idea of 12 photos in December !! :)

Very nice tutorial! thank you

Class Lesson - 4x6 Photo Love :: January 2011
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Garden Girl

Class Lesson - 4x6 Photo Love :: January 2011
part of class 4x6 Photo Love with Shimelle Laine
by shimelle
posted 01/30/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Welcome to a new class for 2011, 4x6 Photo Love! Each month, we'll be scrapping 4x6 prints, but with a twist: in January, we'll look at designs with one photo. In February, two photos, and so on until December's project takes us through a dozen 4x6 prints!

Click here [] for the January class PDF including instructions and photos. This month we're scrapping a single 4x6 photo with a loose line of embellishments.

Click here [] to join in the discussion on the Education message board.

This class will be posted on the 30th of each month - and the 28th for next month in February! It's completely free and you can even win some prizes, so I hope you'll join me every month for new layouts, design concepts, videos, printable PDFs and message board chatter!

Paper and digital scrappers are both welcome! You're welcome to use any supplies you like - paper, pixels or both. Each month has a coordinating digital kit if you would like the template for the featured page plus a selection of papers and words to coordinate. This month's kit will be in the digi store this coming Tuesday, the 1st of February, and it's just $2.

If you follow along and upload a page to the gallery, you can earn a badge for this class on your Two Peas account AND be entered for a chance to win a prize from Two Peas! Make sure you check the box for this challenge in step 4 of the uploading process.

I can't wait to see what you create and I hope you'll join me all year long!
Challenge Submissions
posted by abbeyviolet
on 02/27/11 at 10:07 PM
Snow Love
posted by CyndeeBK
on 02/27/11 at 09:55 PM
my girl and me
posted by karennarelle
on 02/27/11 at 08:52 PM
amazing boy
posted by josypea
on 02/27/11 at 07:52 PM
Three Months
posted by TripletMom
on 02/27/11 at 03:30 PM
hola madrid
posted by amytangerine
on 02/27/11 at 03:17 PM
4x6 Photo Love - Are We There Yet?
posted by LoveRibbons
on 02/27/11 at 03:14 PM
If Only...
posted by Heart Full Designer
on 02/27/11 at 01:23 PM
GrĂ¼ne Brezel
posted by SabineM63
on 02/27/11 at 07:43 AM

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