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Class Lesson - 4x6 Photo Love :: June 2011



Very nice! Now if only I could remember to turn my camera to get vertical photos!! :)

Thanks Shimelle! What a great layout idea for my travel photos!

Class Lesson - 4x6 Photo Love :: June 2011
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Garden Girl

Class Lesson - 4x6 Photo Love :: June 2011
part of class 4x6 Photo Love with Shimelle Laine
by shimelle
posted 06/30/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Welcome to the June edition of a free Two Peas class for 2011: 4x6 Photo Love! Each month of 2011 we add another photo, so this month we're creating a page with six 4x6 prints on the layout - this time it's a double page with six portrait pictures.

This month I'm so excited to have our very own Jamie Sorenson as my guest! The very same Jamie that manages the community experience here at Two Peas - but she's also a scrapbooker, of course! Click here [] to see more of her work, including her guest page.

Click here [] to download this month's PDF with printable notes.

Click here [] to join in the chat on the education message board.

To enter to win this month's prize, create a project with six 4x6 photos, inspired by this month's design principle, as featured in the video and PDF. Upload your project to the gallery here at Two Peas and be sure to check the box for 4x6 Photo Love in step 4 of the uploading process. One randomly selected participant will win a prize from Two Peas. Entries close on the 29th of July 2011.

Okay, it's your turn! Find six pictures and off you go!
Challenge Submissions
Strawberries Picking
posted by santoso10ny
on 07/29/11 at 04:37 PM
Patriotic Puppy
posted by sideshowdeb
on 07/29/11 at 04:26 PM
Safety Town Graduation
posted by CyndeeBK
on 07/29/11 at 08:16 AM
New World Trolls
posted by ShabPeaChic
on 07/29/11 at 01:16 AM
Little Hula Girl
posted by Thracian
on 07/28/11 at 11:17 PM
San Diego Botanic Garden *June 4X6 Photo Love*
posted by Scrap Maman
on 07/28/11 at 10:52 AM
posted by sunshinetalia
on 07/28/11 at 01:02 AM
Mama Helpen
posted by Robine2003
on 07/27/11 at 03:57 PM
pollok park
posted by hevbell
on 07/27/11 at 02:47 PM

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