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Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // March



what an amazing project!! loved looking through your gallery :)

Thanks, Lisa! I played around and I did it:) I love the turquoise and gray combo. I also loved the cards you made on your blog using some erica hernandez stuff and "marcy penner" style. Love the see your work, thanks!

hi amanda! i used this digi card set :

the cards are layers, so i grouped a digi paper to the bracket layer - you just put the paper layer above the shape and hit (i THINK) ctrl-alt-g.

This is beautiful! I'm wondering about the journaling card in #8 with the bracket... did you create that yourself by changing using a different digi paper inside the bracket? I really like that journaling card. Thanks!

I love getting other voices in my scrapbooks! Project life is a great way to get my family's perspective and handwriting.

you are doing such a great job with this series, Lisa!

Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // March
About this project

Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // March
part of class 2012: Captured with Lisa Truesdell
by gluestickgirl
posted 03/15/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Project Life can make the ordinary extra ordinary. This year long style of scrapbooking, developed by Becky Higgins, is a reminder to record the everyday. It's a perfect place for photos and quotes that aren't quite enough for a layout of their own, as well as memorabilia that helps tell the complete story of your daily life. If you're ready to capture 2012, join Garden Girl Lisa Truesdell on the 15th of each month for a year's worth of tips on using your favorite products, staying organized, and letting your style shine through in your album.

2012 : Captured // March []

Hi Peas! Welcome to the March version of 2012 : Captured []. This month, I'm sharing some fun ways to use the wide array of digital journaling cards that are available here at Two Peas. I'll also be covering the topic of adding other voices into your album - which, to be honest, is one of my very favorites part of this project!

This month, I've got two digi gurus joining me! Erica Hernandez is a Digital Designer here at Two Peas, and Joscelyne Cutchens is a member of the Two Peas Digital Creative Team. Both of this ladies use a lot of digital elements in their designs, and I'm thrilled to have them sharing their work with you this month. You can find their pages on the 2012 : Captured home page [] - please stop by their projects and join me and telling them thank you for contributing! If you'd like to see more of their work, you can find them here :
Erica Hernandez : blog [] // Two Peas gallery []
Joscelyne Cutchens : blog [] // Two Peas gallery []

Digital Journaling Cards
Journaling cards are a mainstay of a Project Life album. This month, we're going to focus on the journaling card files offered by the fabulous digital designers at Two Peas []. I love the wide array of styles within the team - I find something new that I need to add to my collection almost every release. To simplify the process once I'm ready to put a week together, I try to print & cut my cards as soon as I download them, and then store them with my other journaling cards. It's must easier to remember to USE them when they're right there in front of me! I print my journaling cards on 65lb white cardstock from an office supply store - it's cheap and runs through my printer well.

I covered the basics of how to get these files from your computer and into your hands with a tutorial on the Two Peas blog [] yesterday - so today I want to share some fun ways to personalize these cards.

1. Recolor it. I'm not a digi master by ANY means, but this is one trick that I do have in my arsenal. To recolor a card, I open it in PSE, select the color that I want, and then pick the paint bucket tool (you'll find it in the left toolbar - it looks like a bucket). Then I just click on the part that I want to recolor and BAM, it's done. For this card, I recolored the background to aqua, and filled in a few of the letters with bright colors. This super cute card will be available soon as part of a freebie on the Two Peas Facebook page [] soon!

2. Print it on patterned paper. This is a perfect trick to try with any ledger or grid style patterned paper - but I think it would also be cool over a light colored or subtle pattern. Here, I've printed a star card over a piece of October Afternoon lined paper.

3. Add dimension. I often find that there are elements on my digi cards that I'd like to have overlap my photo or a piece of patterned paper. I just use my exacto knife to cut along the edge of that element, and then slide my photo underneath.

4. Add a title. When I download plain journaling cards, I often add a title to them before I print. Some of my most used generic words and phrases : quoted. documented. noted. this week. today. so cool. in review.

5. Add patterned paper. Print your journaling card as is, then use scraps of patterned paper to add a little extra color. I used a couple of small strips here, but you could use larger scraps or even punched shapes.

6. Print it on vellum. I was inspired to give this a try after seeing Kenner Road's glassine bags and tags digi kit []. I printed each part of the envelope seperately, then stitched them together. You could do the same with any digi paper or journaling card - and stitching two layers together makes a perfect pocket for holding a journaling tag.

7. Add digi embellishments. Dress up a plain journaling card by adding digital embellishments before you print. Most digi kits come with a full range of embellishments, from buttons to ribbon to stamps and beyond! I used a digital banner on this one, then added another layer by cutting out the banners for dimensions and adding two real patterned paper pennants over the digi design.

8.Stamp it. Instead of adding a digital brush or a typed title, reach for your stamps! Add an image to your card, or use your alphabet stamps to add a caption.

9. Turn it into a cut file. Many digital journal card kits come with .pngs of the designs. Open them in your Silhouette software & you can use the “trace” function to turn them into a cut file. I love this look and it's a cool way to get more use out of those files!

10. Print on a transparency. As soon as I decided to try this, I knew Erica's confetti cards [] would be my test run. And as soon as I used it, I knew I needed to print a whole stash of them to have on hand! The arrow + “this week” are printed on cardstock, and the confetti is on the transparency. I love how the typed journaling peeks through the confetti.

11. Add journaling before you print. This isn't something I normally do, since I like to print my cards before I work on a week. But if you're a preplanner, you can add your journaling before you print out your cards - it's a great timesaver if it fits your workflow! I went ahead and filled in the details on this digital label before printing out the journaling card.

Adding other voices :
One thing that drew me to starting Project Life at the beginning of 2011 was the idea that it wouldn't just be MY project. My layouts, while they tell the story of our family, are by and large written in MY voice. I'm not always the best about keeping on top of it (sometimes I just want to get a week DONE!), but some of my very favorite memories recorded in my PL albums weren't written by me.

Since I knew I'd be writing about this topic for this class, it definitely pushed me to look for every opportunity to add it to my week! In this week, I've got both a book review and a quote from my oldest son, as well as some journaling dictacted to me by my youngest. I also included swim evaluations from my oldest and middle son's lessons - they have notes on what they each need to keep working towards on the back.

Here are some tips on how to get other voices into your album.

1. Assign it. The easiest way to get their side of the story? Hand them a journaling card + pen, smile, and say, “please write about *blank*” Don't take no for an answer. ;) My older sons, ages 8 & 10, used to grumble, but they've gotten used to it. I find that the more specific my request, the better writing I get. I love that having THEM write it not only captures their words, but their handwriting as well. Joscelyne has done this in her weeks - I love that she has writing from one of her children, as well as a picture he's drawn.

2. Interview them. My youngest son is 4, and writing a journaling card is a smidge over his head at this point. For now, I show him a photo and ask him to tell me about it, or to give his take on a certain situation. You could also do this with a question and answer form, like Erica did in her week. It could be really cool to have your whole family answer the same questions so you could compare the answers. If you can't think of anything to ask, I've found that the Smash journaling books have some great prompts - my kids love to fill them in.

3. Quote it. Whether they said something that made you think or made you laugh, jot it down. My kids are quote machines - and I know I wouldn't remember them all!

4. Put them behind the camera. I always ask my husband to take photos if he's going somewhere without me - and I love handing a camera or phone off to one of the kids to get their perspective of things as well. They often catch details that I would have missed!

5. Go online. Print out an email. Raid their Facebook page. Copy and paste from twitter. There are so many ways we communicate with our loved ones, and you can put those words right into your album!

6. Raid their paperwork. Whether it's notes from a meeting or a test from school, it holds a little bit of their perspective. Using these in your album is a fun way to add in a bit of information about what you're family is doing when they're not with you.

Your challenge: Show me how YOU use digi journaling cards OR incorporate other voices in your Project Life layouts! When you do, you'll earn a 2012: Captured badge and be entered to win a $10 gift certificate. You have through April 14th to play along with this month's lesson!

Thank you all for joining me for 2012 : Captured []! I'll see you on April 15th with a new product focus and more tips on staying organized and staying on top of your year long project!
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