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Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // April



I'm in love with all these ideas!

Wow on all the tape ideas! I have two new rolls sitting on my desk - this inspires me to open and use them. :-) Great ideas, too, on catching up.

Thanks for sharing all the great ideas! Can't wait to try this out!

Great lesson for this month, Lisa. all the tape ideas are great!

Finally--some GREAT ideas all in one place for using washi/tissue tape! YAY! I haven't been spending much time @2peas for quite awhile but i sure will be looking forward to more projects with gluestickgirl! So glad I started following 2peas on twitter too!

Woohoo! I was so excited this morning after I realized that it was the 15th! I love all the washi tips, could be used for paper tape and ribbon too! So versatile! I have actually gotten behind (being pregnant and having a 4 year old I knew this was coming) so I gave myself "permission" to compile weeks, keep it simple, and keep plugging along. We have had another week here where the sickies penetrated our house and pictures were the last thing I did but I have been journaling so we may get a single layout from this week!

Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // April
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Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // April
part of class 2012: Captured with Lisa Truesdell
by gluestickgirl
posted 04/15/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Stamping

Project Life can make the ordinary extra ordinary. This year long style of scrapbooking, developed by Becky Higgins, is a reminder to record the everyday. It's a perfect place for photos and quotes that aren't quite enough for a layout of their own, as well as memorabilia that helps tell the complete story of your daily life. If you're ready to capture 2012, join Garden Girl Lisa Truesdell on the 15th of each month for a year's worth of tips on using your favorite products, staying organized, and letting your style shine through in your album.

2012 : Captured // April []

Hi Peas! Welcome to the our April class for 2012 : Captured []. This month, we're going to be talking about one of my current favorite products - washi tape! I'll also be sharing some ideas on catching up when you get behind.

This month, I've invited two fellow washi addicts - Marcy Penner & Kristin Tweedale - to share their pages with you, and I think you'll love them! You can find their pages on the 2012 : Captured home page [] - please stop by their projects and join me and telling them thank you for contributing! I'll also be sharing a washi technique from each of them in this lesson. If you'd like to see more of their work, you can find them here :
Marcy Penner : blog [] // Two Peas gallery []
Kristin Tweedale : blog [] // Two Peas gallery []

Washi tape
Washi has long been a staple in my Project Life stash. It's colorful, it's versatile, and it's really fairly inexpensive given how much comes on a roll. As a bonus, it looks super cute lined up in a row or stacked in a bowl on my desk. ;) Tape is HUGE in the scrapbook industry right now - it seems that almost every company is offering some variety of it to match their lines. The Two Peas shop is filled with awesome designs, and I'm going to share 18 different ways you can use it in your Project Life album. As a bonus, most of these ideas would work great on traditional scrapbook pages as well!!

1. Layer it : One of the cool things about washi is that it's semi-transparent - so the pattern below it will peek through when you layer them together. Use this to your advantage by layering and crisscrossing different colors and patterns, and you can turn a 4x6 piece of neutral patterned paper into a really cool journaling card.

2. Make a frame : Just add 4 strips of washi around your photo for a quick way to frame it. I went with a mix of tapes, but if you want something more subdued keep them all the same. As a variation, you can add the washi under your photo instead of on top for more of a matted look.

3. Mix digi with real : Adding a strip of real washi to a printed digital journaling card with a cool tape design adds a little dimension. It's also a great way to change up the color scheme on the printable. This cute card is by Erica Hernandez and is a part of a printable freebie set for Two Peas Facebook fans [].

4. Stamp on it : A strip of washi tape on a photo is a perfect spot to stamp a sentiment or date. Just be sure to use an ink like StazOn so it doesn't smear!

5. Add it to a paper pattern : I started with a gray & white diagonal striped patterned paper and added a different pattern of washi to each white stripe. Whether you go with a monochromatic mix or add a rainbow, this is a fun way to dress up patterned paper.

6. Use it instead of strips of patterned paper : I frequently add strips of patterned paper to my journaling cards - and washi works the same way - but with no trimming and no adhesive needed.

7. Use it as journaling lines : Thin strips of washi tape (I cut some of mine in half) are the perfect guidelines for jotting down some thoughts.

8. Add detail to the ends : 99% of the time, I just tear the ends of my washi. It's fast and it gets the job done! For this card, I took a little extra time and cut the end of each piece of washi into a point. I love the arrow effect they make all stacked up like this!

9. Anchor embellishments : Most of the embellishments I use in my Project Life album are fairly small, since I don't want to add bulk to my book. Adding them to a strip of washi gives them a home, so they aren't just floating on the photo or journaling card.

10. Punch it : Or diecut it. Add strips of washi to a piece of scrap paper, and then use your punch or diecutting machine on it. Most tape is thin enough that your punches or cuts will go right through.

11. Make a background : Cover an entire journaling card in a mix of strips of washi tape for an eclectic and fun look.

12. Make a banner : I'm still a big fan of banners - they're a great embellishment option when you have three boys! To make a washi tape banner, just wrap strips of tape around a piece of twine, then cut the ends into banner shapes. I stapled mine in place on my journaling card.

13. Go around the edges : Strips of tape wrapped around the edges of a journaling card give it a custom border.

14. Hold it down : Yep. Use it the way it was intended - to hold something down. Washi is a great way to add a photo or bit of memorabilia to your paper.

15. Layer it under a diecut : I've layered a rainbow of color under a word cut out of a photo - but the possibilites are endless here.I've got a step by step tutorial for this one on the Two Peas blog [] if you want to give it a try!

16. Make a hinge : This is a great way to squeeze just a little more content into your week. I've used strips of washi to hinge a tag over my journaling card - it gave me room to add some decorative elements + a game card from my son's birthday party. The tag is outside the page protector and adds a fun interactive element to the week.

17. Cover a chipboard shape : Marcy used washi as a quick way to cover plain chipboard - just layer it over your shape and trim off the excess. I struggle with plain chipboard, and will definitely be giving this a try!

18. Anchor a title : Kristin lined her title letters for this card along a strip of washi - I love how it brings the elements on her journaling card together.

Catching up :
We'd all love to be current on our albums - but sooner or later, real life happens. You have a crazy busy week. Someone gets sick. You may even go through a phase where you're just not feeling it, and documenting your day to day slips. And that's okay. Here are a few ways to get back into the Project Life groove :

1. Start current, work back. This is my sanity saver when I fall behind. It is REALLY hard to get excited about weeks old photos. In fact, it's a little daunting. Get back on track by starting with the most current week (or day or month, depending on how you work on your album). I find the finishing a week reminds me how much I love this project, and gives me the added oomph I need to tackle the more difficult task of working on earlier weeks.

2. Consolidate : There's no rule that says every week needs its own two page spread. Pick our your favorite events from the weeks that you're behind and combine them into one layout.

3. Use more photos : Fill every slot with photos, if you want to. Even with no journaling, it will still tell the story of what you've been up to.

4. Or use less photos : Add in clippings from the paper, memorabilia from the week, something that came in the mail, or a whole lot of journaling. If you find that printing photos takes a lot of time, this is a good way to fill in a week quickly.

5. Keep it simple : I use a LOT of fun techniques and products in the weeks that I do for this class. And while I really enjoy finding new ways to use my favorite scrap goods, I do my weeks very differently when I'm in “get it done” mode. Pare back to just your favorites and get a few weeks knocked out in record time. When I want to put a week together in a hurry, I turn to preprinted journaling cards, a couple rolls of washi tape and my favorite stamps. You might have a different set of go tos, but the idea is the same. Stick to what works for YOU.

6. Work in stages : Sometimes the thought of taking on a week just seems to big and overwhelming, especially when I'm behind. When that happens, I break it down into small bits (and add them to my to do list, so I have the satisfaction of checking each one off!). Plan out the week. Print my photos + add them to the page protectors. Pick journaling cards. Add journaling. Embellish. Just take it one step at a time, and it will be done before you know it.

7. Don't sweat it. Your album will still be a success even if every week isn't finished. I got behind several times in 2011 and got back on track each time using the ideas above. In the end, I have 10 missing weeks. That seems like a lot until you consider that i have 42 COMPLETED weeks. If I'd given up the first time I fell behind, I couldn't say that.

Your challenge: Show me how YOU use tape in your Project Life layouts! When you do, you'll earn a 2012: Captured badge and be entered to win a $10 gift certificate. You have through May 14th to play along with this month's lesson!

Thank you all for joining me for 2012 : Captured []! I'll see you on May 15th with a new product focus and more tips on staying organized and staying on top of your year long project!
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