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Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // May


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Hi Lisa, I am not doing Project Life but this has helped me in my everyday scrapbooking to get more organized and...well, for lack of a better word...consolidated...thank you heaps for your ideas and encouragement.

Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // May
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Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // May
part of class 2012: Captured with Lisa Truesdell
by gluestickgirl
posted 05/15/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Stamping

Project Life can make the ordinary extra ordinary. This year long style of scrapbooking, developed by Becky Higgins, is a reminder to record the everyday. It's a perfect place for photos and quotes that aren't quite enough for a layout of their own, as well as memorabilia that helps tell the complete story of your daily life. If you're ready to capture 2012, join Garden Girl Lisa Truesdell on the 15th of each month for a year's worth of tips on using your favorite products, staying organized, and letting your style shine through in your album.

2012 : Captured // April []

Hi Peas! Welcome to the 2012 : Captured [] class for May. This month we'll be talking about stickers and staying on top of photos - both taking them and organizing them. You can find their pages on the 2012 : Captured [] home page - please stop by their projects and join me and telling them thank you for contributing! I'll also be sharing a washi technique from each of them in this lesson. If you'd like to see more of their work, you can find them here :
Emily Spahn : blog [] // 2peas gallery []
Lisa Day : blog [] // 2peas gallery []

Stickers :
With spring slowing turning into summer, I've found myself looking for shortcuts in doing Project Life. I've started reaching for stickers more and more. They give a big impact with minimal effort - just peel and stick! Here are some of my favorite types of stickers + ways to use them :

1. Look for texture : Fabric stickers are a favorite of mine - stickers made of felt or canvas just feel a little more special than their paper or cardstock counterparts.

2. Stick them on your photos : I love the look of a photo that fills an entire pocket - but I still like to be able to add a bit of embellishing. Stickers area great way to add a title and an accent or two right to the white space in my photos.

3. Add a caption : Some photos don't need a lot of journaling, and the zillion varieties of little letter stickers that are out there right now are the perfect way to add a word or two to your journaling card. These stickers by Jillibean Soup have a lot more impact than if I'd handwritten my caption.

4. Use in place of a photo : When I've got a story and no photo, I find myself turning to my sticker stash. There are so many great images and icons in sticker form, and I love finding just the right one to illustrate my words.

5. Use border stickers to alter journaling cards : I've got a good stash of premade journaling cards - and I reach for them frequently when I'm in a hurry. If some of the colors or the title doesn't match the theme of my photo, I love to use border stickers to alter them to work. Just cover up the parts that don't work with your story!

6. Add a frame : This is a great way to add impact to a small photo. There are many style of premade sticker frames, or you can make your own from border stickers.

7. Recolor with mist : For my example, I used a color resist sticker from Heidi Swapp - but I've found that a little mist goes a long way on any white or very light colored alphabet. If you're concerned it won't work on your stickers, try it on a “Q” before committing to that last “E” ;) This is a fun way to add a little extra color to a journaling card!

8. Use the negative : Once you've used up your stickers, take a look at what's left over. I've transformed some simple, graphic shapes from a Crate Paper label sheet into the perfect accents for two journaling cards. I just trimmed out the negative shape from the background, then peeled the top sticker layer off the backing sheet. I added patterned paper behind both negatives for a little extra color.

9. Use sticker tags : Tags are a staple for me - both on traditional pages and in project life. I always keep my eyes open for sticker sets that include tag shapes - both blank, so I can add journaling, or with fun words or images.

10. Go dimensional : I've noticed layered stickers from more and more manufacturers, and I'm loving the trend! These stickers tend to have foam adhesive between their layers - they give you a little more dimension, without the bulk and weight of a brad or a chipboard piece. If you like the look, you could even try it on your own - just add a pop dot behind one of your favorite stickers before adding it to your page.

11. (from Emily []) Split them up : As soon as I opened this image from Emily, I knew I couldn't wait to give this technique a try. I love how she split her letter stickers between two journaling windows - it's a great way to visually tie them together, or to fit in a word that's too long for one pocket.

12. (from Lisa []) Mix & match : On one journaling card, Lisa pulled in letter stickers, banner stickers, a cool umbrella image and a quote / text sticker. This is such a fun way to reinforce a theme and dress up a card!

Photos :
I don't know about you, but for me, keeping on top of the photos is one of the hardest parts of Project Life. There are some weeks where I'm just over the camera, and when the effort of organizing all.those.images. just seems like too much! Here are some ways I stay organized, get out of photos funks, and generally stay on top of recording our everyday.

1. Organize the way you think : Take a minute and think about your process of putting a week (or month, or day, or however you attack your album) together. What would be the easiest way for YOU to track down the photos you need? For me, the answer is to download my photos into folders by month. I also love using Lightroom to organize my photos - it arranges them in date order, even if a photo makes it into the wrong folder.

2. Switch it up : If you normally shoot with your regular camera, grab your phone or an instant camera instead. If you're the one taking the majority of the photos, hand it off to a friend, spouse or child for a while. If you usually shoot the people you're with, make an effort to take some pictures of your surroundings. Changing up your routine will let you look at your everyday with new eyes, and you just might capture something you've been missing.

3. Keep the editing to a minimum : When it comes to printing for my album, I tend to print the images straight out of camera or with very minimal editing. There are so many fun editing options and cool looks out there, and if i had to make decisions on every single photo for every single week, it would add a huge amount of time to the process. Keep it simple here, and play with the fancy edits for your scrapbook pages.

4. Make a photo collage : Anytime I have a week that has an event with a lot of photos, I get a little antsy. How will I narrow those photos down? Can I commit to just ONE that will represent the event? I've made the decision a little easier on myself by learning how to print photo collages so I can pull a bunch of my favorites into one Project Life pocket. I've shared a tutorial on how to make them in Picasa, a free editing program, over on the Two Peas blog [].

5. Do a mid week check : I've found that taking a few minutes to scroll through my photos for the week before the week's over is a great time investment. If I've been avoiding the camera, I know I'll need to try and be a little better for the rest of the week. If one of my *kids* has been avoiding the camera, I'll make a mental note to try and capture him going about his day. If I've been snap happy, I'll know I can back off a bit for the remaining days.

6. Have FUN : The best part of Project Life is that it's sum is greater than it's parts. Your album does not rest on one great photo. I tend to think more about how I can capture a story than how to get all the technical details just right. Don't stress about it, just take a few photos and enjoy those everyday moments.

Your challenge: Show me how YOU use stickers or photo collages in your Project Life layouts! When you do, you'll earn a 2012: Captured badge and be entered to win a $10 gift certificate. You have through June 14th to play along with this month's lesson!

Thank you all for joining me for 2012 : Captured []! I'll see you on June 15th with a new product focus and more tips on staying organized and staying on top of your year long project!
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