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Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // December


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Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // December
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Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // December
part of class 2012: Captured with Lisa Truesdell
by gluestickgirl
posted 12/15/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Stamping

Project Life can make the ordinary extra ordinary. This year long style of scrapbooking, developed by Becky Higgins, is a reminder to record the everyday. It's a perfect place for photos and quotes that aren't quite enough for a layout of their own, as well as memorabilia that helps tell the complete story of your daily life. If you're ready to capture 2012, join Garden Girl Lisa Truesdell on the 15th of each month for a year's worth of tips on using your favorite products, staying organized, and letting your style shine through in your album.

2012 : Captured []

Hi Peas! Welcome to the 2012 : Captured [] class for December. This month, we'll be taking it down to the basics. There are a zillion products out there, and in the end - you should put what you love into your album.

Once again, I'm joined by two inspiring guests - Michelle Wooderson and Monical McNeill. You can see a preview of their weeks at the end of the slidehow - check out the 2012 : Captured homepage [] to see more. They'll both be talking about using their favorite products in their albums.

Michelle Wooderson : 2peas gallery [] // blog []
Monica McNeill : 2peas gallery [] // blog []

Use what you love :

I've spent all year sharing ideas of different ways to use a wide range of products in your album, and I hope that those tips have helped you dig into your scrap stash and use what you have in new ways for Project Life. Some of those ideas will work for your style, and some won't. In the end, the best way to keep the Project Life love alive all year long is to use what you love. If you're working with your favorite products week in and week out, you'll be more excited to get to work and fill your album up.

My personal favorites are journaling cards, washi tape, stamps, small letter stickers and scraps of paper from my desk. When I'm embellishing, I tend to add the leftover embellishments from my last project rather than go looking for something new. I find these products give me the look I want without complicating or slowing down the process.

Sit down and look through your completed weeks (or if you're starting in 2013, look at the PL albums that you love on blogs), and think about what products you love, and which ones you don't. Pull together a small basket or drawer of your favorites, so they're easy to get to. When things get really busy, I like to turn to my basket and just use those materials for a week.

Thinking forward to 2012 :

With January right around the corner, I'm sure a lot of you are considering whether you want to take on another year - or give Project Life a try for the first time. You're thinking about daily vs weekly vs monthly and page protector styles. You're thinking about what kind of products you want to use, and the best way to print your photos. It's overwhelming to try and consider a whole year at once. This is a good time to take a step back. You don't have to commit to what you're going to do for the entire year right now. If you're interested in giving it a try, pick up a small pack of divided page protectors and see what happens. Maybe you'll fall in love, maybe you'll decide it isn't for you. Either way, you can add those weeks to your scrapbook albums.

I'm heading into a new album for 2013 with some weeks missing from 2012. And that's okay. I sat down and made a list of those missing weeks and plan to complete the ones with big events (vacation, last day of school, birthdays) and not worry about the rest. Those missing weeks don't make my album a failure - I'd rather this of the weeks that did get done as a success.

Your challenge: Show me how you use your favorite products in your Project Life layouts! When you do, you'll earn a 2012: Captured badge and be entered to win a $10 gift certificate. You have through January 14th to play along with this month's lesson!

Thank you all for joining me for 2012 : Captured []! Thanks for joining me for a fabulous year of Project Life!
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