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Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // October



YOur project life is one of my favorites!! Your details are amazing and so fun!! Love it all!

Bummed that I've just discovered this Captured series. Your pages are fabulous!

I love your PL Lisa...makes me want to catch mine up so I can enjoy it as much as I enjoy looking at yours!

thank you :)

Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // October
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Class Lesson - 2012 : Captured // October
part of class 2012: Captured with Lisa Truesdell
by gluestickgirl
posted 10/15/12
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Stamping

Project Life can make the ordinary extra ordinary. This year long style of scrapbooking, developed by Becky Higgins, is a reminder to record the everyday. It's a perfect place for photos and quotes that aren't quite enough for a layout of their own, as well as memorabilia that helps tell the complete story of your daily life. If you're ready to capture 2012, join Garden Girl Lisa Truesdell on the 15th of each month for a year's worth of tips on using your favorite products, staying organized, and letting your style shine through in your album.

2012 : Captured []

Hi Peas! Welcome to the 2012 : Captured [] class for October. This month, I'll be sharing ideas for using die cuts in your Project Life album. Die cuts are a perfect way to add a little extra color and interest to your album without adding a lot of bulk - definitely a good combination when you're working with little pockets! I'll also be talking about organization for all of the little bits and pieces that I've pulled from my stash to use in my album!

Once again, I'm joined by two fabulous guests - Allison Waken and Shanna Noel. I love both of their weeks and can't wait to share them with you! They're both sharing their ideas on using embellishments and how they organize their PL goodies - you can find those on the 2012 : Captured home page []. If you'd like to see more of their work, you can find them here :
Allison Waken - blog [] // 2peas gallery []
Shanna Noel - blog [] // 2peas gallery []

Die Cuts :

The range of die cuts available right now is enormous - you can find them in any style or color. And since most are made from paper, they are lightweight and thin, which makes them a perfect match for your Project Life album. Here are a few ideas for using them in your book :

1. Cut it : This “Look At Me” die cut was part of a larger tag - I cut it down before I added it to my photo. The rest of the tag will make a perfect journaling spot to use in another week. I also like to use die cuts along the border or a card or a photo - then you can cut them in half and get twice as much use out of them!

2. Mist it : This “cool” card started out as a plain manila die cut - I love what a little silver mist did for it! You can see how I did this in this tutorial on the Two Peas blog []!

3. Journaling Cards : Most die cut packs include cards that are perfect for adding a little journaling - or you can look for bigger cards with die cut edges, like this one. I love to layer them over patterned paper for a pop of color

4. Add stickers : This speech bubble die cut was the perfect place to add a title for this pocket - any die cut with a subtle pattern makes a perfect spot to add letter or icon stickers to a photo.

5. Make your own : The possibilities are endless here - you can use an electronic or manual die cut machine, or you can simply find a design on patterned paper and cut it out, as I did here. This polaroid frame was part of a patterned paper design - look for patterns with simple designs that can be cut out. The end result is a LOT of “die cuts” for the price of a sheet of pp!

6. Layer over washi : Instead of letting a die cut shape float on your journaling card, ground it with a couple of strips of washi tape.

7. Tuck under photo : I've used two leaves layered together under my photo - but try different shapes! You could layer circles, or line them up to form a scalloped border. Triangles are fun, too!

8. Look for themes : There are die cuts out there in a zillion different themes - from very specific ones to general everyday Project Life friendly ones. For this page about my sons' archery class, I added two vellum die cut arrows.

9. Add stitching : It's no secret that I love my sewing machine. Here, I've added stitching over a patterned circle die cut to add a little texture.

10 : Stamp on it : Personalize a die cut to fit any theme by adding a stamped image or phrase!

11 : Use as a mask : For this card, I used two arrow die cuts as a mask and misted over them. You can see how I did this in this tutorial on the Two Peas blog []!

12. Group them together : Die cuts, like anything else, have a bigger impact when they're grouped together. For this card, I used banners, circles and a diecut frame to create a fun border.

13. Split it up : (from Allison Waken) I love how Allison split this die cut between two smaller pockets! It's a great way to visually indicate that these photos go together.

14 : Back with pp : (from Shanna Noel) There are so many die cuts out there that use negative shapes - take Shanna's cue and back them with patterned paper to add contrast!

Organization :

Whether you've been doing PL for a while or are contemplating it for the coming new year, one of the best things you can do for yourself is come up with a good way to store all the journaling cards, stamps, and small embellishments that work so well in your album. While I frequently dig into my regular stash or use bits and pieces from my desk on my Project Life weeks, I do have some storage set aside from items that I plan to use in my albums. I keep all of my journaling cards and die cuts in small bins within card catalog drawers. I've found that small storage containers work best for all of the *little* pieces that go into my album - they are less likely to get buried and lost. I've got 3x4 & 4x6 journaling cards, premade die cuts, silhouette die cuts (cut with vanilla cardstock - I like to mist them to match what I'm working on), badges and sticky notes in these drawers. When I buy printable journaling cards, I like to print them and add them to these drawers right away - otherwise I forget I have them! Bigger items - like 6x6 pads and stamp sets, as well as some tags and pockets - go into a locker basket. If I come across something in my stash that I think will work well in my album, I just pop it into this basket. It's easy to end up putting too much stuff into my Project Life storage - I try to sort through it once a month or so and find things that would be better suited mixed in with my regular scrapbook stash, or items that I can pass along to friends (or my boys!).

Organization can feel like a never ending process, but it really is good to stop and assess whether what you're doing is working for YOU from time to time!

Your challenge: Show me how YOU use die cuts in your Project Life layouts! When you do, you'll earn a 2012: Captured [] badge and be entered to win a $10 gift certificate. You have through November 14th to play along with this month's lesson! Thank you all for joining me for 2012 : Captured! I'll see you on November 15th with a new product focus and more tips on staying organized and staying on top of your year long project.
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