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Event Lesson - Connecting with Creativity: My Favorite Peeps



THIS IS SO FANTASTIC. I absolutely love everything about this. What a gorgeous, gorgeous job--the layout, the subject--I think my favorite thing is the way the banner/journaling piece makes the striped paper underneath it and the photos look like a house.

so pretty! I like how you used the CP and journaling on the banner piece!

Love this page Nancy, and how lucky you are to have such good scrapping friends!! I'm jealous :)

Your tradition and group of friends have me so inspired, as do your many fab pages!

Event Lesson - Connecting with Creativity: My Favorite Peeps
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Event Lesson - Connecting with Creativity: My Favorite Peeps
by NancyDamiano
posted 05/23/11
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One of the best things that has come out of my scrapbooking hobby, has to be meeting and becoming friends with my girls (Regina, Teri, Lynn & Tara). They are my favorite “peeps.”

We met at a LSS years ago and when that store closed in 2004, we decided to start a circle journal club so that we could keep in touch. We did that for the first 2 years and met monthly to swap journals and chat. Over the years we've lost a few of the original members, but the five of us pictured above have stayed true. We don't do the circle journals anymore but we still get together every month to share scrapbook pages and dessert. We rotate our meeting place at each of our homes every month. It's fun to catch up with what has been going on in our lives and share what we created that month.

Our group isn't too big on going to crops (too much packing), but once a year we get together for a weekend at a great beach house. I'll usually prepare by putting together page kits of the photos and supplies I'll need for a page. This helps in keeping the packing under control and staying focused.

It's good to be friends with folks who get me and my love for paper crafting. They understand why I spend so much time and effort on paper & glue.

We are an eclectic group in that our ages span 20 years. We are SAHMs, career women and WAHMs. Our homes range from modest to mansion. Our political and religious views vary from very conservative to super liberal. Our kids range in age from 4 to 27. Our childhoods span growing up in rural Indiana to the inner city- from dairy farm to ghetto I like to call it. Our perspectives and life experience vary widely. And yet, we've become very close friends because of our common love for scrapbooking. For as diverse as we are, we have found common ground and the bond of a lifelong friendship. I am lucky to have them!

Challenge: Who are your favorite peeps? Scrapbook a page about them and share it in the gallery! Don't forget to check the challenge checkbox. You have through May 31st to upload; the winner will be announced on the Education board on June 1st.
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