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Event Lesson - SpookCraftular Halloween: Halloween Paparazzi



Love your pictures! Going to try to do better taking mine this year. Thanks for the advice!

I'll definitely be taking some pictures before the big day! Thanks for all the suggestions!

Event Lesson - SpookCraftular Halloween: Halloween Paparazzi
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Event Lesson - SpookCraftular Halloween: Halloween Paparazzi
by jenniferjohner
posted 10/25/10
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Happy Halloween Peas!! ;)

This challenge is all about playing the part of Halloween Paparazzi! What I mean by paparazzi is.. hanging back and observing, and just going with the flow.. snapping pictures when you can. Because, lets face it.. the excitement of Halloween and trick or treating always wins over picture taking! At least my kids think so! hee!

When you are out trick or treating with the kids.. if you can, try hanging back and snapping pictures from behind (this may be easier if you have older kids, or another adult walking along with the little ones). Get down to their level, capturing the surroundings from their point of view. Speaking of surroundings.. use them to your advantage! If you are walking by a house with awesome lawn decorations.. compose your shot to include them! You can have a lot of fun with that! Also, try walking ahead a bit, lower yourself to the little ones level and wait for them (just like the sneaky paparazzi! heee!).. or wait at the road while the kids go up to trick or treat at a door (have fun with cool decorated houses!!) and capture the scene with a photojournalistic approach, just sit back and wait for the shot to come to you. If you are ready (and patient lol) will come! I find that the less forced the whole halloween picture taking experience is.. the more I love them when I take them off the camera. You capture the real grins, the real excitement.. the love of Halloween!

The first two shots are a couple of my favourites from trick or treating last year. I love them because not only do they tell the Halloween story.. they also tell the story of who my kids were/are at this age. Miss Laine.. was 7 in these photos, the leader.. the spunky one! Little Harley was only 2.. he needed help walking through the slushy snow.. and he definitely didn't know what to make of this ‘trick or treating’ business!

While playing the part of paparazzi, think about the things you want to remember.. or that the kids found especially exciting! Think about composing your shots to tell a story.. like the way toddler might cling to dad's hand because he/she isn't quite sure why we are going up to all of the houses yelling ‘trick or treat’! lol ;)

Now.. sometimes, this sort of laid back approach just might not work. I know.. I have been there. You may go out trick or treating with the best of intentions.. and come home shocked that you only took 10 photos.. and none of them turned out like you hoped.. yep, definitely been there! If you think this might happen.. plan for it.

Here are a few ways to do that..

If time allows, get the kids ready and head outdoors for an hour or so before trick or treating.. go to the backyard, the park.. anywhere! And just let the kids play! They will be so excited about being in their costumes.. they will have a blast! And you.. the paparazzi, can just sit back and snap away! Well.. it is hardly just ‘sitting back’ ..following those little ones around can be hard work! lol But, what I mean is.. let them get into ‘character’ and capture away!

I am not saying don't do the posed shots.. I do those too! But I always always always love the candid ‘paparazzi’ shots the most. Like my little guy trying to get up out of the snow (yes, we had a crazy snow fall last Halloween!).. cute little bumble bee stuck in the snow!

If they need some help with getting into a relaxed mode.. guide them. Tell them to ‘fly like a lady bug’ or ask ‘what sound does a bee make’ etc.. they will be flying and buzzing before you know it! Well, you know what I mean. ;)

Another way to plan in advance is to really plan ahead and do some fun photos on a totally separate day! After hearing this tip right here on 2 Peas a few years ago.. I did just that! I took our fun Halloween shots the day before! Harley was just a baby, and I knew that trick or treating was going to be crazy, and that I would definitely have my hands full.. and I just knew that I wouldn't get the shots that I wanted. So, the day before.. we dressed up, and headed out to the front yard for a little mini photo shoot. The kids were both pirates.. like I said, Harley was a baby.. so he pretty much just sat there.. but Laine totally got into pirate mode! It was hilarious! With the help of a few un-carved pumpkins in the background.. the scene was definitely perfect for Halloween! No way can you tell it wasn't really Halloween! ;)

Woweee.. long winded huh!? lol

So, my friends.. I challenge you to play the part of paparazzi! Play photo journalist. Break away from the posed shots! Follow those kids around.. let them run the show, and snap away!! Get creative with your composition.. use ‘props’ from Halloween decor you encounter along the way.. strategically position yourself so that you can use cool Halloween decor in the background. It is a lot of work to capture Halloween this way.. you will be running in circles, trying to avoid parked cars as a backdrop.. or garbage cans… work with what you have! Let the kids take lead (if you can.. like I said, the ‘day ahead’ approach might be best for some)! Work that camera like you are following around the stars! hee! They may get annoyed and stick their tongue out at you (ha ha ha).. but you may end up loving the shot because it perfectly represents your sassy 7 year old daughter! ha ha ha!!!

Alrighty.. now that I have wrote a short novel, I encourage you to go go go and take some paparazzi-tastic (???) pictures!! Do it today if you want to! ha! Trust me, the kids looooove getting to dress up more than once! ;)

You have until the end of the night on October 31st to submit a photo to this challenge.. so don't forget, especially if you plan to submit after trick or treating!! ;) A winner will be announced on November 1st on the Education Message Board.. so be sure to watch for it!

Have fun!!!! Happy Halloween!!! :D
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