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Project - Themed Projects : Disney 2006



What a great album!

Love it! Like the multiple size layouts throughout. Album flows very well.

we do Disney every other year too...this year being "the year". I still have pictures from 2008 that I haven't scrapped and I agree it is because of the sheer amount and I don't want to leave anything out of make anything smaller. I love your album and this will be a great way to tackle previous years before this year's trip! I am on a mission now and thank you so much for the inspiration.

Project - Themed Projects : Disney 2006
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Garden Girl

Project - Themed Projects : Disney 2006
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 08/01/08
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<p>&nbsp;Its an every other year thing for us. It started 10 years ago in 1998. I don't know why I am working on this album now, 2 years later. But I feel like I need to just tackle some of these things. After I completed my annual Christmas Album, I decided to tackle this beast.&nbsp;<br />
In my planning, I decided that my hesitation in the past was due to having too many photos. and not being able to choose one or two for each page. or even to make them smaller so I could include multiple photos per page.&nbsp;<br />
it didn't take me long to decide that the 4x6 pocket 12x12 sheet protectors was a super way for me to get this done. I decided that with a 12x12 album, I could fit in all the sizes of page protectors I wanted. I knew I would do some pages in 8.5x11, as I always do. I am most comfortable in that size.&nbsp;<br />
This album has 3 different page protector sizes: the 12x12 with 6 photo pockets, 8.5x11 for my ‘regular’ layouts and then some 6x6 thrown in as well.<br />
I am half way through this album at this time. (end of July 2008) I work on it almost nightly, if not at least once a week. It is the fastest I have ever completed a whole album. I think its because it is so easy to do. and I just move right along with it.<br />
<p>This album is a clear demonstration of my <span class=“Apple-style-span” style=“font-weight: bold;”>Finishing Touches</span>. I would consider 2 things my finishing touches, the 1st being a thing that I have always done. Hand journaling. the date. the time. the names. anything. its all hand journaled. Always. There is hand journaling on every single one of these pages in some way or another.<br />
The second would be labels. for the last few years I have been all about Labels. I can say that it was <a href=" []">Lisa McGarvey</a> who first inspired me in this way. And I have never looked back. I love clusters of labels. I love to journal on them. to date the page on them. to throw them everywhere. I can't complete a page of any size without a label on it. if even for just the date. sometimes I just have them on there, because I like it there, blank. I have always loved office supplies and I think this is just an extension of that.&nbsp;<br />
<p>This album is a huge mix of products.&nbsp;I used way more products&nbsp;in this project&nbsp;than I could possibly list.&nbsp;&nbsp;I love to mix things up. I don't like to always use the same manufacturer all the time. yet, I do find myself with certain staples. the Scenic Route lined papers, the Creative Cafe labels, Kraft cardstock. American Crafts pens and letter stickers.&nbsp;</p>
<p>I have been collecting Disney stickers, papers and embellishments for sometime, knowing that I have a lot of years worth of Disney albums to create. I find it fun and challenging to incorporate the character stickers, papers and embellishments in the designs. I try to use a Mickey sticker, Mickey head sticker, paper or other item on each page. I have create several &quot;hidden&quot; Mickey's within the designs, since my children love to hunt for those in the parks and movies.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The first few pages of the album are just about the travel…. we hit a deer in the wee hours of the morning on our way to the airport. The travel info, the hotel info, our first day/night in our villa. the first few things we did.&nbsp;<br />
From there, Each day is sectioned out. and each park has a title page done in 8.5x11 between a sandwich of the 4x6 photo 12x12 page protectors. in most of these sections, there are multiple 8.5x11 layouts within the sandwich as well. Describing the events, certain moments, etc. The section 4x6 pages that sandwich the middle pages, &nbsp;are mostly horizontal photos that describe the day. I did occasionally find myself needing to put a vertical photo on that sectioned page in some way, since it really didn't belong on a layout in the middle. So, I started to split them and treat the sectioned 4x6 photo pages as one big layout without breaks. much like I do when I create my usual 2page 8.5x11 pages. I never worry about the break in the middle. I create as though its not there.&nbsp;<br />
<br />
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