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Project - Seasonal Layouts : Pool Mini Book


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Project - Seasonal Layouts : Pool Mini Book
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Project - Seasonal Layouts : Pool Mini Book
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 07/15/09
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<p>&nbsp;This is a book dedicated to the Pool we put into our backyard a couple of summers ago, and how it &nbsp;has changed our family… the way we play together, they way we relax, they way we entertain. Everything. It has really changed our summer season and brought us together in a way that we hadn't been together before.&nbsp;</p>
<p>To start, I picked a stack of patterned papers that fit within the pool theme. I&nbsp;decided to take any out that were not in the blue family, I wanted all the patterns to be waves, water or otherwise blue. I really wanted it to feel like the pool. I&nbsp;then layered them all in different orders to see what page of the mini book I wanted them to be in.&nbsp;&nbsp;In order to do that, I also had to select the photos that&nbsp;I thought represented the idea that I wanted to convey. So I&nbsp;weeded through the photos, selected a small pile that I wanted to use and then played with both the papers and the photos together to see which was best together. I also had to look at the photos in relation to the size of the page. Since the first page is short, if I didn't want the photo to hang out I&nbsp;needed to make it small to fit behind the page. I&nbsp;had to do this for all the pages. I didn't want photos to stick out of the page below it, rather,&nbsp;I wanted design elements to stick out. like the clouds, or sun, or waves or other pool/summer elements.&nbsp;</p>
<p>With all of that part done, it was pretty easy to assemble the book. I had collected a stack of products that had pool elements, as well as my usual labels and letter stickers. Each page represents a different aspect or family member and our pool. I had to crop all of the photos to fit into the book, which is not something I&nbsp;am accustomed to doing at this point… I&nbsp;never crop my photos after printing. So this was hard for me. But I made it all work out.</p>
<p>I hand cut one of the waves, the first one that sticks out from the top from the left over Fancy Pants paper that I&nbsp;used on the front cover of the album. And then hid the part where I attached it to the page with the title and other stickers. I didn't really worry about the backs of the elements that are sticking up. some of them have patterns or designs on the back and&nbsp;I&nbsp;just let that become part of the overall mini book. The other elements that are sticking out of the top are a cutting from a KI Memories Glitter paper, which is so perfect for pool pages. And then 2 die cuts from the K &amp; Co Citronella Die Cuts package. I have them before for another pool page that I&nbsp;did.&nbsp;</p>
<p>The very last page (section) of the book is just a top 10 list of things we like to do in the pool together. I used a lot of die cuts from the K &amp; Co package here on this page. In the past I would normally not have used a snorkel or a floating Turtle die cut in my scrapbooking, but it just seemed perfect for this page and I&nbsp;love how it turned out.&nbsp;</p>
<p>To adhere all the papers to the chipboard pages, I&nbsp;used Kokuyo Dot N Roller adhesive applied to the back of the papers and then put onto the pages. If you attempt to apply glue or other adhesives to the chipboard first, you risk tearing off the first layer of the chipboard material.&nbsp;</p>
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