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Project - Kristina's Picks 5.28.10 (friends)



This paper collection is much busier than what I would usually go for, but you have combined it beautifully. Love your layout and the photo :)

Beautiful photo and beautiful LO! Love the title work!

Project - Kristina's Picks 5.28.10 (friends)
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Garden Girl

Project - Kristina's Picks 5.28.10 (friends)
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 05/28/10
Galleries: Scrapbooking

The Crazy For Paisley collection from Heidi Crazy is my main collection pick this week. It is something I have looked at several times but never actually tried to use. Its not a brand new collection, we have had it for a couple of months in the store, but it wasn't until this last week that I decided to give this one a go. Its a bit of a busy collection, but has all of the fun doodles and style that we have learned to expect from designer Heidi Grace. This was the first collection that was released by her under her new manufacturer Colorbok. The colors are bold, and bright. The papers are thinner and unlike the now-usual double sided cardstock weight papers, they are easy to manipulate if you want to. I used one of them a few weeks ago to make a paper flower, and used it like I would a tissue paper. I just had to wet it down a bit, crumble it up and get all of the stiffness out of the paper. Being a thinner paper does have its merits for sure. <p><p> The designs are a little busy in this collection. Each of the papers has a design on it, 2 of them are glittered. The blue paisley paper has an all over print of different paisley designs that have all kinds of doodles inside of them, some are flowers, or dandelion type flowers, circles and other icons. A couple of the background papers have a grid printed in the background as well as their all over design. It makes it a bit harder to use as a whole sheet, so what I did with all of the papers I used is use them in strips. I liked it best in parts and pieces. you could combine them the way that I did in strips or even in squares or circles and create collages of them. I really liked the red one the best, as its a tone on tone, using the same doodled circle design that is on the white one that I used at the top of the sample layout. The red one is the most subtle and one that I could use on a lot of different layouts. <p><p>
The collection also has a clear sticker set, border, title, and several icon design rub ons and a few other embellishments. I really like the chipboard letters. I did not realized until I started to pull them off the sheet that there are some letters that are larger than the others. I really liked that. I was pleasantly surprised. They are thinner chipboard, which seemed easier to use as they didn't look like the layers would peel apart as they seem to do on thicker chipboard stickers. I like the tone on tone red design on them as well, which gives them a bit of character rather than just being a solid red. There are 2 styles of epoxy stickers. One that is clear and one that has a white background with colored printing on them. I didn't know if I would like these, but actually really liked the white ones with the red printing and I used several of them on my layout. I also really love the metal accents. They are meant to look like brads, or rather brad tops. They are a small metal disc with a foam adhesive on the back and once they adhere to the layout, they look like little brads. I love them. I really liked the ones with a little heart added to their design. <p><p> I also picked Doodlebug Design's latest cardstock border stickers to go with this collection. They are all themed and therefore a very random selection. I found that the colors of some of the borders went really well with the Paisley collection. The darker blue was a perfect match, the red very similar to the red paper and the aquas brought out the aqua colors that are an accent color in the collection. I wanted to bring something else in to use with the collection, to break up some of the busy patterns, yet be subtle enough not to take away the overall impact of the color combination. These border stickers worked out perfectly. <p><p> The last thing I added this was is the Daisy layered stickers from K & Company. I have recently found a love for K & Company's Grand Adhesion layered stickers. These are 2 layers of white cardstock paper, with a yellow center printed on them. Each of the petals tips have a small glitter treatment to their tips. And then there is a foam adhesive dot on the back to pop up the sticker from the project just slightly. These are not really bulky at all, even though they are called 3D. There are at least 3 different sizes and 2 different designs within in the package. I liked the way they went with the blue, red and white collection from Heidi Grace. Even the little yellow center matches the tiny bit of yellow that is used as an accent color in the Paisley collection.
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