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Project - Art Journal: Creating a Cover



so gorgeous!

So cute!

Thanks so much for explaining your creative process. I have this album, too, but have been afraid to tackle the covers, ha! I love what you did, love your doodling, too, and now I'm not so afraid to tackle my own album. Thanks for the inspiration. :-)

wow. I love the way you tacked down the ribbon. gorgeous book.

Project - Art Journal: Creating a Cover
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Garden Girl

Project - Art Journal: Creating a Cover
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 10/17/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Altered Projects

This is the finished cover of my 2011 Art Journal. The album is the House of Three album by Pink Paislee (no longer available— I wish I had purchased 4).

The album cover is canvas, while the inside cover is white paper. I covered the album with a matte medium, adhering papers to the album with it – at first placed carefully and thoughtfully, and then later, randomly.

I wanted this to have my favorite papers on it. A lot of these papers are things I have been holding on to, had in my scraps box or just laying on my table. The main sheets are ones that I had in my hands for a long time. The script paper from the Basics Collection from Basic Grey is a long time favorite, so that paper is on here. There is a paper from the Sweetness collection from Pink Paislee that I wanted to use, which is the large flowers in the corner. and then a lot of other papers that I really like and felt was representative of the topic of my journal. Even though they were not originally blue, I added them with the knowledge that I was going to paint over it all.

Then, I painted a layer with Matte Medium (mixed with a little bit of water) over the whole thing. Followed by more painting with several different paint colors in blues, and aquas — even metallics— over the top, creating a wash in some places, and then thick and heavy in others. In some areas it was too thick and wet, I just wiped it away with an absorbent paper towel.
Once that was dry, I used mists and sprays and alternated spraying each one, wiping some of it away, letting it dry, spraying a different one, taking the top off and letting some of the ink drip on it, and then starting all over again.
Once all of this dried, I covered the whole thing with another layer of Matte Medium.

I was really set on the color, and knew it was would be blue from the beginning. Some of my paper choices were knowing that, and others I just wanted on there, so I put them there without caring that they would not match perfectly in the end.

Months later, when I was still adding pages to the inside, I decided to add more to the cover. When I added the ‘more’, I hadn't realized until I was finished, but I grabbed Gloss Medium instead. So some of the new addition papers and bits are glossy and the rest of the cover is not. I don't care. It is a working, ever changing piece of art for me.

I added all kinds of 3 dimensional items along the way. Some resin flowers, a paper flower, a felt flower, a ribbon rose, and a metal tag that I have had in my stash forever. It is a soft metal, so I etched the title of my journal in it before I adhered it with a glue dot.
The outside cover has die cuts (tickets), doodles, tapes and other bits in addition to the above.

The inside cover is all doodles. I added them as I went along creating the pages documenting the first 3 months of 2011. The back cover doodle, writing and what-not was done when the pages for this journal were complete. It is a sum of all that I did in these months. I started the inside cover though, with a Tim Holtz stamp in the corner and built on it from there. I was reluctant at first to doodle, worrying that I might screw it up and would have no way to cover it, but after a while I let go, and was very carefree with my doodling. I wanted it to be a reflection of me and what I do, and so I gained confidence in the knowledge that it is who I am and what I do, what I am capable of doing. and I love that.

All of the doodling and journaling in this particular book was done with the Design Memory Craft pens and the Copic Multiliner pens. Both work really well on the medium covered surfaces as well as the paper surfaces.
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