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Project - Art Journal: Watercolor/Doodle Pages



You're amazing. Sheesh.

I love the watercolored 'dreamy' clouds. I need a patterned paper like that!

Project - Art Journal: Watercolor/Doodle Pages
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Garden Girl

Project - Art Journal: Watercolor/Doodle Pages
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 10/17/11
Galleries: Scrapbooking, Altered Projects

I love using the watercolor pencils. The Design Memory Craft pencils are so nice… smooth and easy to use. I love the feeling of laying down the color on the papers from the tip of the pencil. And then control of moving that color around with the tip of a paint brush. its a very soothing feeling.

I started using the pencils to just add color to my pages in this art journal… to shade the triangles off a banner that I added to a page; to color in the letters of a handwritten title; add color to my doodles; and even changing the colors of the patterned papers that I was using. I used it almost like I use an ink pad, where I wanted the edges of the papers/envelopes/tags/pages to be aged or distressed. I just scribbled the watercolor pencils on them and attacked with my brush. Super easy and fun.

The pages that I have here though, are ones where I started with a patterned paper and then added to the page where the paper left off. And even adding to the color of the paper—-I drew on the clouds on the paper, then drew some of my own above the patterned paper directly on to the kraft cardstock. I then went back through and added color. First it was intended to extend the blueish-green of the paper onto the cardstock, but then I went back and added color to the patterned papers as well. I colored with a bit of the pencils under the clouds and around them to create a bit of darker color around them.
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