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Project - Art Journal: Spray & Misting



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Project - Art Journal: Spray & Misting
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Project - Art Journal: Spray & Misting
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 10/17/11
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More pages from my 2011 Art Journal. These pages are from the January month. The color for that month is red, so all my ‘pages’ are in shades of red—red paint, papers, letters, stickers, die cuts. I literally pulled everything that I could that was red, and put it in basket and in piles on my desk. All around me was red products. It was marvelous!

With these 2 pages I wanted to focus on the spray/mists that I did. I was really afraid to spray on my scrapbook pages. I did step lightly into the mists at one point a year or so ago. But with the Art Journal, I feel free, and so I try all kinds of things. and just see how they go. With these 2 pages, I went full out SPRAY. I actually ended up liking it to much on the cover and other pages that I used sprays/mists on a lot of the pages throughout the book. But these 2 pages are very heavy on the spray and depend on it for their look.

The heart page, I started out with just a plain kraft cardstock sheet. (punching holes in for the rings on the one side before I do anything else). I knew I wanted to do a layered heart design that covered most of the page, so I pulled a stack of red and redish papers (all of the papers I used were from my scrap stash, or just in the red pile in my cabinet. I freed myself from using new products and just allowed myself the choice to pick old products) and played around until I got the order that I wanted them to be in on the page— and then cut. The middle one first. Then held it on the next paper, and handcut around it with at least an inch around, and then I cut the inside. I wanted them to not be exact. You could also trace the smaller heart, and then cut that out (you have to make sure to poke a hole and cut just the inside of the shape out). I tend to do things off the cuff and just cut away and make it work. I cut all of the hearts and then adhered them to the paper.

I ended up playing around quite a bit on this page, with markers and watercolor pencils also. Shading the red papers with even more red from the watercolor pencils, changing the way the paper looks. Painting around the big heart. Tracing around it with markers.

But that wasn't enough. So I pulled out the mists. I took a piece of scratch paper (a throw away printer sheet probably) and cut out a heart that was close to matching the heart shape on my page. I didn't want the heart to be sprayed, so I cut the shape to protect it and keep it safe. I put the page into my little make-shift mist box (made from paper bags from the grocery store), laid the heart shape over the heart on the page, so that it would be protected from the mist spray. and then sprayed away!

They sprays are so often not exact. It kind of makes me think of a hairspray bottle, where sometimes it sprays you in the eye instead of your hair. It could be easy as wiping the sprayer with a paper towel, or simply spraying it on a piece of scratch paper a few times to learn where its going to spray. This is what I do, so I know what to expect when I go to spray it on my project. I guess you could call it a few practice sprays.

You can concentrate spraying in one area, spray all over, repeat sprays in the same place over and over again, let a few drops fall onto the page…. I think the possibilities are endless with this product. and I know I am late to the party, and am only just realizing how fun it is. ( I imagine everyone rolling there eyes at me, as I come rushing in exclaiming… “hey guys, have you seen this cool new thing??”)

If you get too much on your page, you can use an absorbent paper towel to soak up some of the ink. But I am afraid it could be too late and you will already have it on your page for good. You never know what you're going to get I guess.

On this particular page, I added the banner, the number, letter stickers and journaling after I sprayed the page. Again, all of those things are enhanced and changed with the use of markers and watercolor pencils.

The second page I have here is a little different in that I didn't have a shape I wanted to cover to mimic. I just knew I wanted to use that felt swirly that I had discovered in my stash. On this page, I wanted the color to be concentrated in that lower left corner and get lighter in the upper right corner. Like it was heavy in the corner where the swirl is coming from.

Don't gasp. I used more than one brand of spray on this. and typically do. I admit it. I like more than one brand. I found that I really do like the look of the Glimmer Mist. And I love to layer it with the Studio Calico matte sprays. So on this page, I used both. And sprayed very heavily in that lower left corner and worked out. I even held the bottle low, and sprayed almost at a horizontal angle on to the paper, rather than from up above. so that the ink would be less intense as it landed further away from the bottle.

This page was also enhanced with doodling, markers, watercolor pencils and actually, even a little bit of paint.

On the next image shown, a title page for a new section/chapter in the journal, I used the opposite of the technique that I used for the heart on the first image. On this page, I cut used a paper with a heart cut out of it and laid it over the paper and then sprayed. I wanted just the heart to be sprayed and not the page surrounding it.

I watercolor penciled around the heart (scribbling first with the watercolor pencil and then going back over it with a paintbrush to smooth and blend it.) and then I took the sprayer off the spray mist bottle and let a few drops of ink fall on the page in the non-sprayed areas around the heart. It didn't all soak in right away, and I was able to blot it with a paper towel to soak up some of the excess ink, but it is intense ink when used in this fashion and it leaves a very permanent spot where it fell.
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