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Project - A Colorful Christmas: I'll Be Home for Christmas



love this idea!

Thank you for sharing this awesome project. There is no doubt that I am going to be creative by example. I love it! Absolutely love it!

this is absolutely fabulous. so much work went into it, you can tell! i think you hit the nail on the head! thanks for sharing the process with us, too. makes it seem a little more do-able after reading how you thought it through.


This is incredibly cool! Love it :)

Project - A Colorful Christmas: I'll Be Home for Christmas
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Project - A Colorful Christmas: I'll Be Home for Christmas
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 12/12/11
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Subway Art style is everywhere! It is basically a listing of the street stops for the subway. The stops are listed on a sign/board– several stops all listed on a board with a type-set look, only with great big letters so you can read it as you're running for your train. Run!

This is where I got the idea to create this project. If you have looked at my projects before you know how much I love to play with letter stickers and how I like to create different titles using all different fonts, styles and colors in one project. So the Subway Art style really calls out to me. I love this look. A listing of meaningful words all in a row on top of one another? Yes!

I love bright colors at Christmas. The last few years I have not done traditional Christmas colors in my holiday decorating. I am very attracted to the bright pinks, aquas and greens. This year with the popularity of aqua, it seems to be very prevalent in all of the holiday products. And since the color is my favorite this year, it was easy for me to pick this for my Colorful Christmas project. I love the aqua and pink/red pairing. (I chose it also for my 2011 art journal). I love how the two colors look together.
When I selected to do this project, I knew I wanted to use mostly turquoise/aqua and just a spot of red–using the red on something I wanted to be the most important, the thing I wanted to pop or to tie the whole thing all together.

I spent an hour going through song lyrics, holiday story excerpts and quotes. I ended up picking this song as it had enough lines to create an interesting array of sentence types that I could arrange in an interesting pattern, it had a line that I could make red while the rest of it was turquoise, and well, it is just a wonderful holiday song marking how important family, home and togetherness is during this season.

I started with a white 12x12. I did not chose white cardstock, but went looking for a white that was distressed, aged, had a slight pattern to it and settled on a white on white damask with some aging to it. I also contemplated using a very light aqua blue for the background, which would have made the blue letters less pronounced—which was maybe a good thing or maybe a bad thing. I decided on the white, so all of the lyrics are easily visible and the pattern is noticeable.
I created a sketch of the project, attempting to predict where the letters would fall, or how I wanted them to fall, creating a road map for myself. It allowed me to find and pick letters then that would fit into this map.
I wanted certain letters to fall in a certain way… I knew I wanted the first Christmas word to be large enough that it would go all the way across the page. I knew I wanted the next line in the song to take up one whole space across the page. and I had planned to make some of the middle lines to be stacked on top of each other, creating small chunks/blocks in the middle of the project. (rather like small lines in the middle of the song, they are small blocks in the middle of the project).
I gathered all of my blue, teal, aqua, turquoise letter stickers together and started to lay them out on the project. I put the first line on very tentatively and did not firmly attach the letters until I had the entire project laid out. This is so that I could move them around if they didn't work out how I envisioned them. I usually eyeball the lines and don't worry so much about getting it all straight and perfect, but a few times I did grab a piece of scratch paper and lay it on the project so I could use it's edge as a guide line.
I purposefully used all capital letters in the Count on Me line. I wanted that to be more bold. It is an important message so it should be emphasized. I purposefully used a mix of upper and lower case in the next line, as it seems a bit more playful—please have snow. Its not as serious to some as the rest of the song's message. I adore snow and to me it is important and is definitely something I would have asked my Mother for when I traveled home from California for Christmas.
I wanted to throw in the smaller letters for the middle lines, I love the way the smaller type fits just right into this nice little block, creating a section in the middle of the project where each line of the song is it's own little section rather than a line across the page. This is not following the general pattern of the actual Subway Art, but something I wanted to do in any case. Turning one of the words on its side, also helps to create this ‘block’ for this line.
I also knew that with the Subway Art style, the lines/blocks should not overlap in any way. So the ‘lines’ could not be too close together—there had to be enough room on top and the bottom of each ‘line’ so that none of the letters would crowd the other lines. The top of a ‘h’ could not rise above it's ‘line’ to overlap the letters of the ‘line’ above it.
I used several different colors of red for the main line as I did for the other lines. I didn't want just a dark shade of red. So I threw in several different fonts, even a cursive, which is definitely not found on a subway sign, but seemed so appropriate for a song lyric. Especially the final word in the song: Dreams.

I did have some troubles finding the exact letters I was looking for. So I made some. I grabbed all of the chipboard letters, wood alphabets and painted, sprayed and inked them. I got my hands really painty messy, and had fun getting them to be just the right shade that I had in my mind.
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