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Project - Disney Mini Album



I love everything about this album but my favorite is how you used the brochures. My last Disney album was from 2003 and we hope to take our 7 yo son soon before having another baby. I will definitely have to check out Nancy and Lisa's workshops now b/c in my Disney album the brochures went into pockets for decoration. I never considered making them part of my journaling and really LOVE that idea. I am so impressed with how this paper gives a fun, upbeat feel to the project and yet still highlights the photos and embellishments in a 'Disney-ish' way even without being "Disney" themed. Amazing all-around.

Just adore this album!

totally awesome album! thanks for sharing!

I love your use of documentation on the Disney maps!

Wonderful! I love how you played with how some pages you could see through and others were solid and I love that you included so many of the maps, which I always want to include, too! Such an important part of the experience for our family! TFS!!!

I adore this album...what I love most is that you documented Disney without all the Disney themed products which to me sometimes push it over the top. This seems so trendy yet timeless at the same time. I going to check out the workshops you mentioned. Thanks for sharing this. I am sure your family loves it!

Project - Disney Mini Album
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Garden Girl

Project - Disney Mini Album
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 08/29/12
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The concept of this album was inspired by 2 of the workshops we offer here at Two Peas in a Bucket: Nancy's Scrapbooking Your family Vacations [] and Lisa's Divide & Conquer mini workshop [].
Nancy's workshop has a whole chapter that is dedicated to Disney and Lisa's lays out this great 3 step process for creating a great mini album in this divide page protector concept.

Disney is a spot that we have traveled to every other year (and sometimes in between) for more than a decade and so, the backdrop of this vacation is well known to those who will view this album—my family. This book is really going to be a documentation of OUR story — the moments and the memories that we loved and I don't want us to ever forget.
I listened to and watched all of the videos included in Nancy's Scrapbooking Family Vacations workshop before I left. She has a whole section on Disney vacations, with very carefully and thoughtfully laid out plans for documenting that special trip. Nancy gives great advice on what to look for and how to document as you travel, so you don't have to think too hard as you are on vacation. For me, it was nice to see how someone else organized the trip and the recommendations for how to record it later.

A mini book format was definitely needed for me to complete this.
The pocket-album style is one that I used before for previous Disney trip albums where I told the whole story and did the whole shebang. Its a huge album. I love it.
The mini pocket album concept as demonstrated by Lisa in the Divide & Conquer workshop is absolutely perfect for this project. I love the pockets and it allows me to diversify what I include and how I include it.
Using her 3 main workshop concepts, I was able to quickly create an album of a trip! I am so proud to have completed this as swiftly as I did!
I love how the workshop kept me on track to only telling the main stories that I want to tell and not wander off, or include things just because its pretty or cool. I didn't have a lot of room and I needed to make sure I told the real stories that were the most important. and I was able to do that.

I chose a small selection of products for this album and forced myself to stick to it and not give myself permission to wander through my products or pick up something new. This allowed me a lot of freedoms actually, like being able to pick this up and walk around my house and work on it versus being stuck in my creative office space. It also set the tone for all of the color and theme embellishments.
I stuck to neutral colored and patterned papers, the Classic collection papers from Studio Calico worked out great for this. As well as a selection of current aqua colors and patterns like chevrons. Most of the papers have small prints and/or are easy to work with so that they would not compete with photos. And I would not have to do a lot to embellish them in order to make it work.
I wanted to keep it simple and about the photos versus what I added to the page. I chose some summer related items, some travel related items and then just some neutral things like clips, arrows and badges as embellishments for this project. Washi tape became the standard product to use on every single page.
This made the whole process go really fast.
Once I had the photos printed, the papers and other products selected, it was just a matter of creating the right layout. I spent some time laying it all out, with the photos and papers first, deciding the details that I wanted to focus on, what to insert into what would be my normal timeline based format.
There are more details or focused memories in this mini book, rather than basic information of Who, What, Where, When and Why.

There are a few pages that were inspired by designs within each of the workshops… the cover was inspired by this beautiful layout [] that I found on Pinterest.
The cover page is a copy of what Lisa does in her Divide & Conquer workshop for her mini album project. The Epcot main page, with the sewn triangle stack is an adapted copy from a page in Nancy's workshop, as well as the Toy Story Mania page. I really loved their work in each of their workshops and was glad to have some ready inspiration in their work that I could easily recreate it in my own project.

There is a short video on how to add the map in the fashion that I did going live on the Two Peas blog [] tomorrow (8/30), with a shout out to Lisa who was bantering with me about it back and forth over text on the day that I struggled with how to get it together. It was really simple once I got it down and I am really pleased with how it created a few extra spaces to jot down a few more notes, memories and even add a few more photos.

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