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Project - 2012 Gift Mini Album



Gorgeous album. Love the colors and the overall cohesiveness. Just lovely.

Love that you embellished enough to make it creative but still kept it fairly simple.

beautiful colors and completely FUN! thanks for sharing

Love the way this came together. Great mix of photos highlighting the year.

Really lovely job. I know your parents certainly cherish this gift. I normally like more theme embellishments but was really impressed with how nicely the book flowed with the neutral papers carrying a subtle theme throughout. Absolutely stunning.

I really love the "A Lot of that" card. Does anyone know what set that is from? I looked through all the products and don't see it?

Project - 2012 Gift Mini Album
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Project - 2012 Gift Mini Album
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 01/10/13
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Hi Peas! I am sharing this year end mini gift album that I created for my parents here and on the Two Peas Blog [] this week. I am sharing some tips for putting a project like this together that will delight your creative soul and the recipient at the same time.

In the past I created a mini album of each of my three children, wrapping up their year in one nice little album for my parents to have times three. Once they started getting older, this became harder for me, and I started wrapping it up into one album.

I wanted to make this even easier on myself this year, as I am especially short on time. I followed several steps in order to complete this quickly and cause less stress on myself. This process was presented to me in Lisa Truesdell's Divide & Conquer mini Workshop right here on Two Peas. This is a big adaptation of Lisa's concepts, but very easy to follow.
This concept is meant to work with the pocket page protector type mini album, but could easily work for any other mini album type as well. In fact, I made this work for my December Daily album too, which is ring bound!

1. Create a list of events, ideas or days that you want to cover in the mini album.
2. Print out photos.
3. Add papers.
4. Embellish.

I created a list of the most important dates or events that I wanted to make sure to document, such as their birthdays, first and last days of school, and any other major events of that year. This may not always be the most perfect photos, but as you do this each and every year, you want to make sure to document those special days that can be compared from year to year. Remember whom the recipient of this gift/mini album may be and keep in mind the things that will be important for them to know or remember about your child. For me, my parents love to keep track of what the kids do in their extra curricular activities, sports, dance and music as well as those extra fun things that make them the little individuals that they are.

Once I had that list created and a plan somewhat sketched out in my head, I went through my photos and created a folder for these photos and dropped them into it. While I was going through I grabbed other photos that I liked or thought were really indicative of something in the kids' year that I might want to include. Like a photo of my son building a go-cart from scratch, or a photo of my daughter in pink as this was a new color for my sporty girl. Once I had this folder created, I could go into it and start printing out the ones that I knew I was going to use for sure. I put them in order, and started to get them into page protectors, and then go back through the photos again to fill in gaps and the timeline of the year.

Having everything all set in page protectors and a plan for each page (ie: this one is all about a birthday, this one is for the first day of school), I then went in and matched up patterned papers. I had selected a small sampling of papers that I would use… a lot of white, grays, light blues, or lined paper that I could easily embellish with tapes or letter stickers. The select paper stack made this step go very quickly. I left the trendy, colorful papers aside for this step. I knew I would use colors, icons and other fun things in the embellishment stage. If you keep the papers simple and clean, the album has a more cohesive feel from page to page and though your subject/event may change, it won't be so shocking to turn the page from a pure white page to a overwhelmingly purple page set to a dull brown page. Having the clean papers also let your photos do the talking, which in the case of this album, the photos are the main topic as they show off your children, rather than the actual creation of the page.

The embellishing part is the most fun. This is when you can bring in all those other supplies that you love to use. Remember that the person receiving this gift is not as well versed in scrapbook supplies as you are, and perhaps using that super new trendy item will be lost on them, but if it makes you the most happy… USE IT! This gift should come from the heart and should make you happy to create it for someone who will love the photos and the memories more than they can tell you.

For more tips on how to create a simple, but well meaning mini album like this be sure to check out the Two Peas Blog []!
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