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Project - Shape Up Your Scrapbooking: love & adventure



so understated and dreamy! incredible page!

So lovely! I need to try this and break out my wood ampersands

So beautiful! And I think I need to visit there stat! :)

I just LOVE this. The colours, the pie chart well everything!

Oooh. Now I need those soft, watercolor letter stickers. How pretty. :)

beautiful soft colors, love.

Project - Shape Up Your Scrapbooking: love & adventure
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Project - Shape Up Your Scrapbooking: love & adventure
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 03/01/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I wanted to use a layered pie chart shape on this layout to represent the many different things we did and the emotions that encompassed this recent family vacation. I traced the first circle with a cereal bowl, as it seemed to be just the right size of a circle. I am often too lazy to get out any shape cutter or the silhouette machine, and either cut things by hand or look around for something to trace—like a cereal bowl. I layered many circles and pies, or parts of the circle on top of one another. I have one complete, uncut circle on the bottom of all of the pies, which would be the LOVE. No wedges taken out of that pie, as we loved the whole time. The rest of the pie wedges are all different emotions and pieces of our trip. I cut them from various white, light gray and light blue/aqua papers and layered them on top of each other. I applied the adhesives to just the middle of the papers so that I could curl the edges up a bit to give it some dimension.

The heart and the number five are hand cut from the same white cardstock as the background and given no treatment. I only applied the adhesive to the middle of these as well, so that I could curl up the edges.

I misted the background, where the pie chart and heart/five combo would be, but otherwise left the cardstock and layout unmisted.
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