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Project - Color Theme: (Aqua) Blue Skies



i'm super intimidated by monochrome... you did it so beautifully!

Cool LO!

that large chevron is such a fab design element - love the way the patterns get lighter and reflect the tones in the photo!

My favorite color pallete. This is just lovely.

Beautiful and dreamy with my favorite color! I love all the small elements you pulled in.

you are the master of white backgrounds. and mixing paper. and products. and letter stickers. love.

Project - Color Theme: (Aqua) Blue Skies
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Garden Girl

Project - Color Theme: (Aqua) Blue Skies
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 04/01/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I wanted to create an ombre effect with the papers on this layout, as they appear to me in the sky… the blues of the sky changing as you get closer to the horizon and the zenith. I love all of the different colors that you can see when you look into the blue skies.
I do love to mix papers like this, that are all in the same color family. This was a fun layout to do. I created the nesting arrow heads/chevron by measuring out the first set based on its placement on the paper. I cut the first paper to the width of my layout (8.5 inches) and then marked off the center tip at the top of the paper and then down 3 inches on each side. I drew my cut line and then cut it on my paper trimmer. I either hand traced or eyeball cut the rest of the cuts on my paper trimmer. I like to handcut or eyeball measure these kinds of things, as I like it too look less perfect and more artsy/handmade.
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