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Project - The Little Things



Beautiful!! Everything about it- the colors, the style, the details....

So, so pretty. :)

oh the ombre paper strips are just gorgeous!

What a lovely color palette!!

This is so pretty. Just love how you use colour.

Love the soft ombre color scheme.

Project - The Little Things
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Garden Girl

Project - The Little Things
by KristinaNicolaiWhite
posted 08/01/13
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I started this layout with the main purpose to scrapbook this one photo. I knew I wanted it to be a large print, go all the way across the page. And I knew I wanted to play up the colors. Because there is the black strip at the top of the photo (which is the top of the windshield) I changed my plan slightly…. I did quite a bit of cropping on the photo to get rid of most of the dark strip at the top, but I actually felt like cropping it off completely changed the feeling of the photo for me. Because of the gradient in color in the photo, I wanted to repeat that in the paper layers– even though it doesn't follow the exact path of the colors in the photo. These chipboard alphabet letters just really wanted to be on this layout for some reason. Not sure if they really go with this theme, but the color with the darker shadow really seemed to work in my head and so I went with it though I tried to tell myself it might be wrong.

The only thing missing on here is journaling… I am going to have to add that. Probably down at the bottom, hand written with my favorite black thinner than thin pen.
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