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Project - My Lazy Jack

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Thanks guys!!!

Jack is a rat terrier mix...we think he has Jack Russell in him. I rescued him and Daisy together from a big rescue they did. Daisy looks like she has some chihuahua in her but is also a rat terrier.

I love this guy! He just plays outside all day like a little boy. I have given him three baths this week already!

Oh, I just need to know what breed your Jack is. We have the neatest most lovable dog ever that we got from the SPCA that looks alot like your Jack from the photos point of view and we would really like to know what breed she might be besides Basset----I know strange. But she is a DOLL. Would really like to know.

awwww! just beggin' to rub that belly!

OMG!!! I LOVE THIS PICTURE!!! i love the belly!

Project - My Lazy Jack
About this project

Project - My Lazy Jack
by HollyMcCaig
posted 05/13/09 at 01:14 PM
Galleries: Photography

I love this little guy!
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