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Project - My Stats

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what a completely awesome idea!
(i'm stealing it too) :)

i am totally stealing this idea! totally fun :)

Oh I love the idea of doing a layout with FB statuses! I'm going to have to use this idea sometime. Love the colors you used.

I love the idea of taking stats from Facebook...very cool layout!

Project - My Stats
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Project - My Stats
by CAjess14
posted 02/22/10 at 07:16 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

I pulled some of my Facebook Status Updates from the past year, to feature on a page. I liked that they were totally random, little bits of my thoughts and actions. Fun page to make! The red box is actually a glossy hot fushia. It scanned darker here - darn! TFL! xo, Jess
<br> <br>
Journaling: <br>
“Facebook, a social networking site, allows you to update your ”status“ to say what you're currently doing. Here are some of my random thoughts and actions over the past year: <br>
…has learned that in this household, Danzig and the Misfits is considered ”Halloween music“<br>
…is visual merchandiser at The Green Life today.<br>
…is amazed she still knows every single word on Saves The Day's ”Through Being Cool“ album.<br>
…feels empowered by her newfound ability to cook tofu.<br>
…decided red lips were in order for running errands on this gloomy day.<br>
…is stoked on the Dyson hand dryers in the Dodger stadium bathrooms.<br>
…wants to live in a Neutra house.<br>
…is in a pedometer battle with her coworkers.<br>
…thinks Scott & her would make the best Popeye and Olive Oyl for Halloween. Scott, not so into it…<br>
…was discussing the Jewish wedding ritual of stomping on a glass and said it had an intense and sad meaning in a joyous situation. Scott's response, ”it's kind of like pouring out a 40 for the homies that aren't here.“<br>
…wants to tell Twitter, peoples' stories about Coachella, and Miley Cyrus to die.<br>
…is quite fond of Wyatt Cenac.<br>
…learned that second Tuesdays of the month are free admission to LACMA. sweet!<br>
…was brought coffee in bed this morning. I think Scott has created a monster. (a very thankful monster)<br>
…is watching a cool feature on Jeff Koons on the Ovation channel.<br>
…is learning a word per day. today? sonorous.<br>
…would like to tell Deion Sanders that naming himself ”Primetime,“ then referring to himself as ”Prime,“ for
short is absolutely inappropriate. As in, not an option.<br>
…wants Guiliana and Bill Rancic's living room from ”dress my nest“<br>
…was sent home from work with enough food (from her surprise wedding pot luck) to feed a small village. Seriously people, there was a rolling bell cart involved.”
<br> <br>
Supplies: Tags: Making Memories, KI Memories and Heidi Swapp; Stickers: Making Memories and American Crafts; Font: SP Holy Guacamole.
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