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10  Comments - CG 2012 - Sweet Baby Girl

Awe....I just want to reach out and love on her, she looks so sweet and lovable.

She's pretty, but for that much I think I'll pass!! Cute layout about her. She's a gorgeous girl!

$1,800 for a cat????? She is gorgeous. Hang the photo in your house, no cat food, no poop, no smell and $1,800 in your pocket!


holy cow, a car could be yours for 1800 too! great use of your older stuff

Wow! Those eyes are amazing. And so is her price-tag...

she's so fluffy and adorable.

She really is a sweetheart!!!

ahhh she's adorable...Meow!

Love this! The picture is great, and paper really gives it a good mood

OMGosh how stinkin' cute is SHE?! This page is so perfect...and cuteness and girliness!!

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