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7  Comments - PP 2013 - Big trip - Bear Country

Goodness, did you take those bear photos? That must have been an exciting trip!

Simply awesome photos.. What an experience and now you have it saved forever!!

Wow! Love the bear photos and all the other wildlife. We have a wildlife preserve near here (sorta)--I think it's awesome to see the animals in a more natural habitat. Great pages. This trip album is going to be awesome.

We were there in 2009, we loved it as well. Great pages, I love the way you put the symbols of each animal on the pages.

Wow Linda these are amazing! Those bears look so cuddly but I am aware they are wild animals! I don't know how those Mule deers walk around with those huge racks! These pages are fabulous and you have done a beautiful job of documenting your trip.

You used the best background pp with these pictures. Wow, that was amazing being able to see so may animals too. Nice work!

Wow, Linda, these are incredible. You got such wonderful photos! I love that animal track paper. I had to laugh at the comment on the map that you must stay in your cage and the animals roam free. What a great album!

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