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Project - Themed Projects: Humility

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Project - Themed Projects: Humility
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Project - Themed Projects: Humility
by marygrace
posted 05/15/07
Galleries: Scrapbooking

When does a person learn <i>humility?</i> My parents taught it to me early on. I'm sad to say that there are those who don't seem to have learned the lesson yet.
<b>Journaling:</b> “Yesterday, i saw someone act pretty selfishly. I just wanted nothing more than to reach out and knock some humility in them. I don't understand how people think it's acceptable to behave as if the world revolves around them. It's not cool, or professional, or acceptable by me.
Humble yourself and remember that you didn't get here all on your own. Remember to say <i>Thank You</i> and be sincere. Learn the lesson because sometimes it's just not all about you.”
<br>- 2peas Digital Kits
<br>- image editing program
<br>- patience
<br><b>1.</b> Open up patterned paper in image editing program.
<br><b>2.</b> Load and select brushes - changing the colors in the color palette for each image.
<br><b>3.</b> Apply .png (polaroid frame) to the layout.
<br><b>4.</b> Next, build an alphabet. Select different colors and resize images to create a varied weight and height look.
<br><b>5.</b> Finally, journal to the topic. Flatten the layout.
<i><b>Note:</b></i> Visit the <a href=" []">Digital Tutorials section</a> to learn the various techniques applied.
<b>HAVE FUN!</b>
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