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Project - Forever Friends

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Oh, what a sweet photo! Love the way you recolored the pic. I like the title over that heart border. Such a darling page!

That is such a cute picture of them and I like the way you did the large picture and then the two small ones. I like the title work on this also.

Very pretty page and sweet photos! I love the way you enlarged one and the way you used the two smaller photos as accents is really cool! Your colors are great and I love your title too.

Project - Forever Friends
About this project

Project - Forever Friends
by the_carrottop
posted 07/14/10 at 08:57 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Dh took these photos last summer at a church breakfast…I didn't see my boys walking off hand in hand like that until dh had the camera out. It's so sweet to see cute boys holding hands like that…:)

The sun was so bright on them that it almost overpowered the boys, so I made the photo black and white, then recolored the boys back in.

Most kit supplies from the “Olivia's Friend” kit; postage stamp frames from the Where I Long to be (Calm Waters) kit, both by Little Feet Designs (Janet Carr) at For The Luv of Art. Font: VT Portable Remington.

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