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Project - When Life Doesn't Give You Pumpkins



Oh, now i see the masks you used to make the Pumpkins title in the photo. Very cool.

The way you did Pumpkins in the photo is amazing! How did you do that? I must try!

I love this fun title ... it totally drew me into your page! I love the balance of using the same journaling card for the title and the journaling.

Lorell, Your title is fun! I love the striped paper and stitching, and the close-up photos of your recipes is making me want to cook something! (Or at least eat some of your cooking.) :)

Project - When Life Doesn't Give You Pumpkins
About this project

Project - When Life Doesn't Give You Pumpkins
by the_carrottop
posted 10/06/12 at 10:35 PM
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I have a real thing for goodies made with pumpkin (I never eat the squash plain…I always cook with the puree). I use canned puree until sugar pumpkins find their way into the stores, but since they haven't shown up yet, I decided to grab another squash instead. I used some butternut squash, which I roasted and pureed. The puree was an awesome substitute for the usual pumpkin, and the family even liked the traditional pumpkin pie recipe made with butternut puree…it tasted a bit better. They all want me to do it again for Turkey Day! We also made a spicy soup which was super tasty, too.

Most kit supplies from the Harvest kit by Jen Martakis; the bow is from her Blue kit (I recolored it), The orange/white labe is from her February 2012 Pea Soup kit; and the zigzag stitching(also recolored) is from her Hello Spring kit. Fonts are my own handwriting and Steelfish.
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