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Project - Trimming The Tree

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Love the stitched grid. You have beautiful children. Love the the design of this. Right into my bookmarks.

This is lovely, I like that you got photos of everyone (wish my family were so co-operative!). I also like the stitched grid and font choice (thanks for naming it!).

Project - Trimming The Tree
About this project

Project - Trimming The Tree
by the_carrottop
posted 11/27/12 at 10:35 PM
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This was our third Christmas with our kids…and this was the age that decorating the tree was fun, because they appreciated how pretty it was (rather than just wanting to yank stuff down from it…LOL). They get excited now when the time comes to put up the tree, and it's so cool that they look forward to the tradition every year.

Most kit supplies from the Wonderland kit by Jen Martakis; paper tear is from Jan Crowley, and stitching from Angie Kovacs. Font is Tangie_AJC_Breadbutter.
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