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Project - Sweet Potato Cupcakes

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love the colors and lo.

really sweet story, love that you included a picture of you in the layout!

Cute page for a fun story!

I really like this page. Great, strong design and use of colour/pattern and wonderful storytelling too.

Great design!

Sounds like it was worth doing from scratch! Love the photos and as always I am inspired by your 8x11 design, it really changes the tone that size. I must try that! TFS

Project - Sweet Potato Cupcakes
About this project

Project - Sweet Potato Cupcakes
by the_carrottop
posted 01/31/13 at 03:01 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Dd has been reading a lot of books that have recipes mixed in with the words in each chapter. She asks me if we can cook together and try some of these foods out. On this particular occasion, she really wanted to make sweet potato cupakes. We made them from scratch, and we had to break up the tasks over a couple of days, but the end result was really yummy. Seeing dd get so excited was the best part, though!

I used the “Coffee Love” kits by Jen Martakis; fonts are Sketchvetica and SF Heather; lace from Audrey Neal.
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