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Project - Dot Marker Art

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I like how you kept the facts in with that journaling card. The close up of the markers was a cute idea, along with the cute artist!

this brings back memories...used to do dot marker art with my preschoolers...helps keep the mess down.

Project - Dot Marker Art
About this project

Project - Dot Marker Art
by the_carrottop
posted 07/06/13 at 10:50 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

We got these dot markers when the kids were a bit too young to use them, so we haven't had them out for awhile. My youngest asked if he could get them out a few months ago, and he's been so cute using them. They are almost like watercolor markers, and he loves making pictures in the drawing journal his dad got him.

Using the Sherbert Watercolor paper kit from Celeste Knight; hearts are from her HoneyCakes kit; journaling card from her Bright Basics 2 kit; bows and sequins from Gennifer Bursett; stitching from Karen Funk. Font is my own handwriting.

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