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Project - Themed Projects : Deedee

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Project - Themed Projects : Deedee
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Project - Themed Projects : Deedee
by mary_mac
posted 11/01/09
Galleries: Scrapbooking

<p>My daughter loves the Doodlebops, and so she adores this crazy pink wig that we had for Halloween! She's convinced it looks just like Deedee Doodle, and when wearing the pink hair, she refers to herself as &quot;Sadie-Deedee.&quot; I had to document this &quot;rockstar&quot; stage, and the bold color of the pink wig was perfect with the American Crafts teen line (and a lot of glitter and stars)!</p>
<p>I used sparkly chipboard sticker letters for my title &quot;Deedee!&quot; I attached clear star stickers from the Remarks Sticker book to white cardstock, and I cut them out and attached them around the title for a complete rockstar look. I love the look of stickers, but I like to be able to move my accents around before I commit to a certain placement. Putting them on cardstock first gives me that flexibility. </p>
<p>I created the page design before I wrote my journaling. I ended up having A&nbsp;LOT to say, and it wouldn't fit in the space I had planned. Behind the strip of small photos, I&nbsp;created a pocket where I could tuck the rest of my story. </p>
<p>Thanks so much for looking! :)</p>
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