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7  Comments - As We Drive Away

Love the layout. Really like all the details, the doilies, the banner and the buttons and brads.

The layering is awesome! Really beautiful layout!

Beautiful! TFS!

I took this photo on december 2002 ! I was living in US already. I went home for christmas. As I was driven away to the airport I stoped my aunt got out of the car and took that photo with a point and shoot advantix. I never thought about scrapbooking bout it until yesterday. I was talking to her in the phone andI remembered the photo. I miss my family a lot almost every day.

Beautiful layout! It made me think about my mom who passed away in 2002. When I left her she always stood out in front of her condo and waved until I had driven away. I wish I had a picture of her doing that.

Thank You Tashak!

Love all the layering you did! Great, great layout!

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