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Project - WSW13 Layered Stencils--More Sample Backgrounds

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So neat! I am bookmarking these BG so when I get paste I can try your instructions etc. Really pretty! TFS!

These are great backgrounds. Love them all!

Hi, Daria! Thank you for sharing your backgrounds. I think I'm beginning to understand a bit about the layering. Your floral stencil seems to be more of an "all over" background, while the bamboo stencil is more airy and fills up less of the space, so it doesn't compete as much. It lets the floral texture breathe through.

Awesome backgrounds. I definitely need to try this. I went a little bit of a different route with mine. I love the green. You're right, it doesn't need anything else.

Beautiful new backgrounds. Thanks for sharing Daria.

Fantastic samples, Daria. These will definitely make lovely backgrounds!

Project - WSW13 Layered Stencils--More Sample Backgrounds
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Project - WSW13 Layered Stencils--More Sample Backgrounds
by djc
posted 06/10/13 at 12:54 AM
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I thought I'd post some more backgrounds. I used the same technique and supplies that I used for the sample cards here: []

The differences are that I used different colors, and I didn't use Oil Pastels. In fact, I only added highlights to the first one.

I used Golden Fluid Acrylics on the first three, and Lumiere on the fourth sample.

1. I first painted with Raw Umber. When it was dry, I added just a bit of Titan Buff, but rubbed most of it off with a babywipe. Then I just a little Quinacridone/Nickel Azo Gold on a dry brush, wiped the brush off on a paper towel, and then brushed it over the Raw Umber. Then I repeated that process with Iridescent Gold Deep (Fine).

2. I just used Jenkins Green on this one. Where the paste is, the color is lighter so I didn't think it needed highlights.

3. This one is Payne's Gray. I might still highlight this one.

4. This one is Luminere Metallic Rust. It's really lovely. You can't see it here, but the watercolor paper itself is shiny, and the pasted design has a soft shimmer. In real life, they look like two different shades of the same color similar to what you can see on the green card.

I think these would make great mats and frames on our cards.


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