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Project - First Big Girl Bicycle

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I LOVE this. Love the way you placed the bicycle element. I love the white space, really balances the rest of the page so well. Awesome job on this!

Project - First Big Girl Bicycle
About this project

Project - First Big Girl Bicycle
by Paperclips29
posted 08/17/12 at 01:32 PM
Galleries: Scrapbooking
Albums: Everyday Life
I received the new BasicGrey ‘Soleil’ collection as part my Summer CHA social prize pack, and was quite excited to use it. The colours were perfect for this set of photos. At first I was quite hesitant to use the bicycle sticker as it seemed too theme-y, but I really like the result.

This collection isn't available in shop, so I couldn't link it, but everything on the layout is from that collection except the ‘big’ letter stickers, the girl icon, the ‘bicycle’ die cut letters, the photo corners, the washi tape, the rhinestones, and the date stamp.

Journalling reads: ‘You were so excited to pick out your new bike. You were adamant about getting the black and grey one even though we couldn’t pick it up for several days. You also insisted on helping put it together. Once we got everything adjusted properly, you were off to the races… slowly. You were keen to practice in the drive, but were super excited to go out on one of the many cycle paths in the village where you could get some speed up. Keep at it, pumpkin. There is no stopping you now.'

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