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Project - Cuppa Tea



Love the layout!

I love your photos. They are featured so well in this LO. Your details do a nice job of complimenting them.

I love the story! Makes me very nostalgic for my own days of European rail travel...

Project - Cuppa Tea
About this project

Project - Cuppa Tea
by Paperclips29
posted 08/18/12 at 01:18 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking

Made in response to this week's Glitter Girl challenge to mix up pattern lines. As requested in the challenge, here is why I selected these papers: I choose the Hey Day paper as my background as I wanted something light and neutral for the background since the photos are dark and busy. I really wanted to use that ‘noteworthy’ sticker, so I chose some patterned paper that had the sort of similar colours. I went with a stripe and a floral(ish) print from BasicGrey, then rounded that off with the map print journalling card out of the EP Everyday Eclectic pack (which I added some ‘Old Paper’ Distress Ink to in order to tone down the white a bit). The green ‘date’ banner was a little out of place, so used some Authentique paper from the 6x6 Lively paper pad and created a small banner to tuck behind the pop-dotted ‘noteworthy’ sticker, and a little punched border. After that I just added my words and embellishments (including a flower on the noteworthy sticker to cover the typewriter as the colour was out of place).

Journalling reads: We arrived in Zürich at 5am only to catch a 6am train to Bern. We were tired and all the kiosks we in the Zürich bahnhof were closed. We decided to grab a couple of teas on the train. As soon as the buffet car opened, Joey went to get our teas. They were piping hot and served in white plastic cups. Desperate for caffeine, I immediately took a sip only to ask ‘Didn’t you order tea?' After careful consideration and many tentative sips, we decided that it was a concoction made up of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. Their hot beverage machine obviously needed a good clean out! By the bottom of our cups we came to the conclusion they weren't entirely bad and now refer to it as Swiss tea.
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