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Project - Sit, baby, sit. Good Boy.



Aww! Super cute. Love the composition. :)

aw, this is such a great layout! Love it!

Project - Sit, baby, sit. Good Boy.
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Project - Sit, baby, sit. Good Boy.
by Paperclips29
posted 09/13/12 at 08:19 AM
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Had lots of fun with this one. :)

Journalling reads: For months we've been able to sit you up on our laps or in a chair, but you refused to do so on your own – in fact, most of the time, you took offence as soon as you discovered we were sitting you up. You just didn't want to take the effort to go vertical. On April 4th, I decided enough was enough. After your nap, I brought you out to the lounge and sat you on your rug surrounded by your favourite toys. I sat back and watched whilst you happily puttered about and played with your toys. You sat, and sat, and sat without complaint, happily distracted by your favourite things. I took you more than an hour to realise that I had sat you up, and I then deemed that you could sit independently, and it was about time, too! You probably could have done it weeks ago had you just given it a try without complaint.

Had fun with the new Soleil collection from BasicGrey. In fact, it is mostly BG, as the notepaper strip was punched from some of the Basics collection, and the orange is ancient BG from the Acid Wash collection. I think I have a hoarding problem.
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