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Project - Beep beep!

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Project - Beep beep!
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Project - Beep beep!
by Paperclips29
posted 09/18/12 at 03:45 AM
Galleries: Scrapbooking
Albums: Everyday Life
I did this layout to challenge myself and see if I could do an entire layout in an hour. The story was mentioned by my husband the previous evening, and I decided to get the story in our albums. I didn't have any photos that were linked to the story, so I pulled a photo of my daughter at the appropriate age, and I found a random photo I took of one of our tea pots. Perfect! And then I went all crazy and tilted my photos.

Journalling reads: We time our tea. We pour the water and set a timer. Every time. The result is perfectly brewed tea and no worries about forgetting the steeping tea leaves. You picked up on the tea timer quite quickly – not surprising given how much tea we consume – and you started telling us the tea was done whenever the timer went of. On a few occasions, after we'd put you to bed, we'd be brewing ourselves an evening pot of tea, the timer would go off, and a little voice from the dark would shout out “Tea now done!”.

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