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Project - iKnit



This is beautiful. Great title, and fun-to-read journaling. You have a way with words!

Love the soft colours you've used here.

lovely! Great use of embossing! I've been meaning to try it on a layout.

Great color combination. I think I might still have that paper too, you have inspired me to look for it and use it.

love this! It's so soft and those chevron arrows are great!

I love the simplicity of your layout! And I love that circle paper! I still have it in my stash!!!

Project - iKnit
About this project

Project - iKnit
by Paperclips29
posted 01/13/13 at 01:54 PM
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For CHA challenge number 1 – use one colour (plus neutrals like white, grey, etc). I basically used neutral plus a hint of one colour. I used grey and white as my base colours, with brown (I figured that was neutral since it isn't on the colour wheel) accents, and pops of aqua. Also stash dove for this layout. Amazing what is still hiding in there.

Journalling reads: I learned to knit when I was three years old. My mum and dad sat me down on the sofa in our apartment on a cold winter day and presented me with a crochet hook. It quickly became apparent that crochet was not catching on. They persevered and pulled out some knitting needles. It stuck. I was off like a rabbit… though possibly a very old and sick rabbit with only one good leg. However, I was so pleased to be knitting that little garter stich doll blanket out of that really squeeky brown acrylic yarn. After knitting various flat rectangular-like objects, I dove into the world of sweaters. My mum knit sweaters and I didn't know what else to knit since mittens seemed too hard. My favourite was the navy blue pullover with the white snowflake pattern on the yoke. I loved to wear it skating. Eventually I gifted it to my mum when I outgrew it. After more than 30 years (with occasional non-knitting periods), I knit pretty much anything. My family is adorned in woolly warmth from head to toe. They appreciate their handknits and I love making them. Knitting has truly been a life-long friend.

Since it is rather difficult to photograph one's self knitting, I used a photo of myself wearing a handknit.

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